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Turmeric is trending! This root and its most active compound curcumin have many scientifically proven health benefits. It has the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer! Many use turmeric because of its potent properties as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This powerful root may also improve symptoms of depression and arthritis.

But, as a spice, it’s unknown to many of us in the west. Are you interested in incorporating this spice in your family’s diet? Here are some easy ways to get started:

Grate turmeric root into stews and soups, especially those containing root vegetables. If you add pepper and cumin you begin to get a flavor similar to Indian curries.

Add turmeric root to rice (or other whole grains) before cooking. Both flavor and color will impress and excite! For rice, cook in broth and add raisins and you’ve got something close to a pilaf.

Add a small chunk to your smoothie! Blend it in, and enjoy.

Drink turmeric tea. Simmer grated turmeric and ginger in hot water for several minutes. Stir in a bit of honey and enjoy.

Not ready to work with fresh turmeric at home? Or is turmeric not available at your grocery? We’ve got you covered! Visit for “Golden Milk Drink Mix.” This popular drink, a combination of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and coconut milk, invigorates the senses warms your digestive system. Another popular mix is


Healthy Bowel

Bowel health is an important topic because changes in your body’s regularity can be a sign of changing health. But before you begin to worry it’s important to know what regularity is for you.

There can be a fairly broad range in when you have a bowel movement and this can still be normal. You can have a bowel movement anywhere from one to three times a day (highest frequency) or three times a week (lowest frequency) and this can be considered normal. So, thinking back, where do you fit in with this? Other factors include fasting, eating lighter meals, etc. What comes out of your body relates to what comes in!

If your frequency is consistent, and within this range, you are probably experiencing healthy elimination.

After thinking about your patterns, you can begin to understand when you might be constipated. If your stool is dry and hard, and also difficult to pass, then you may be constipated (especially if you tend to go three days or more without moving your bowels).

A variety of circumstances can cause constipation. For example, when you travel, become pregnant, are dieting, or lack physical exercise you may experience constipation.

Overall, to promote healthy elimination, it’s important to eat plenty of fiber (a general recommendation is 34 grams of fiber per day for adult men and 28 grams of fiber per day for adult women, but speak with your health care professional about what’s right for you), cut back on refined and sugary foods, and drink more water.

If you tend towards constipation, you may need treatment that’s a little more focused on rebalancing your digestive system. At our cornerstone product is the Pure Body Institute Whole Body & Colon Program. This carefully constructed program supports your body’s digestive health with herbs understood to help your body release toxins and eliminate what the body doesn’t need with ease. Visit to learn more and purchase!


Liver, Part 2

In our last blog, featuring Pure Body Institute’s Liver Balance Plus supplement (based on traditional Chinese Medicine), we discussed some of the liver’s 500 functions.

In addition to breaking down sugars and helping you maintain a healthy blood sugar level and removing toxins from the body, the liver performs a number of other important functions.

When you are an infant, your liver performs the important function of producing blood cells. As you grow into adulthood the liver recycles your blood, breaking down old or damaged blood cells and storing the iron and vitamins to use when needed. The liver also is essential in releasing the plasma proteins necessary to clot blood. So, healthy blood flow depends upon a healthy liver!

Your liver is also a fat factory of sorts. The liver breaks down fats that are eaten, converting excess carbohydrates and protein into forms that are stored for later use. The liver synthesizes other fats, like cholesterol. If you drink alcohol or consume excess fat, the liver works hard to process it all but sometimes grows fatigued! Central to this processing of fats is the bile the liver produces, which is held in the gallbladder and released into the digestive tract as needed. The bile helps break down and absorb those fats, while also removing waste and toxins.

Our livers may need support after times of overindulgence or when your digestion shows signs of being sluggish. Try one of our liver support supplements to keep this workhorse in tip top condition!

Herbs Can Cleanse carries only the best health care supplements. Combined with a good diet, proper rest and exercise, you can have a healthy life! For your liver, especially as the holiday season (and the over indulgences that come with it) consider supporting your liver with Liver Detox, made by Health Plus Inc. Visit to order this product, then look around at everything else we carry! Enjoy free shipping by entering code HCCSHIPFREE at check out.


Your Liver and You

Often called the workhorse of the digestive system, the liver performs 500 functions that help to keep your body healthy!

Your liver, with an average weight of more than 3 pounds, is about the size of a football. Behind your skin, it’s your body’s second largest organ. Your liver is in the upper right abdomen under the ribs and below the diaphragm. It holds up to 13% of your blood supply, and is a star player in your digestive system!

Your liver performs over 500 tasks to help keep you healthy. Key to these functions are those that are metabolic. Anything that is taken by mouth gets filtered by the liver. Anything you digest by the stomach and intestine gets absorbed into the blood and then goes to the liver.

The liver removes toxins from the body through the urine or stool, stores and then releases nutrients when necessary. Your liver also works to keep the amount of sugar in the bloodstream constant. When the liver processes your food, it removes sugar and stores it as glycogen. Then, when your blood sugar decreases, the liver converts glycogen to glucose and releases it into the bloodstream where it energizes your body.

There are many more important and interesting liver functions, some of which we’ll discuss in a future blog. But, with all the liver does, is it any surprise it can become fatigued? As well, in Chinese Medicine it is understood that your emotions are linked to your liver. When your liver’s load is too great, the emotions tend to run hot. Waste not excreted from your body may well irritate your emotions!

So, ask yourself if your moods dominate your day. Do you get headaches or reoccurring muscle and joint pain? Are you irritable? Do you run out of energy during the day, or have trouble concentrating? These symptoms (and many others) may indicate a poorly functioning liver.

Doesn’t it make sense to support this special organ? Pure Body Institute, the creators of many quality supplements, has a liver supplement based on ancient Chinese Medicine formulas called Liver Balance Plus. Visit Herbs Can Cleanse at to view this supplement and read more about the symptoms of a poorly functioning liver! And, for now, enjoy free shipping by entering code HCCSHIPFREE when you check out.


Self-Care with Aromatherapy

In today’s tumultuous world, it’s easy to overwork, overplay, and over stress! When you find yourself caught in the wheel of overdoing things, it’s time to remember self-care! Take a day to unplug and unwind. Let go of those pent-up emotions and the aches and pains that come from holding stress in the body. Block out a day or at least a few hours in your calendar to be sure you honor this commitment to self-care!

One of our favorite ways to destress from the hectic holidays is a long, warm, soothing bath with aromatherapy bath salts. Enhanced with the principles of aromatherapy, this time can be a time of self-healing. It will leave you relaxed and ready for what life brings next. There are many aromatherapy-based mineral bath blends available on our websites (visit and our sister site,!). Check out the high-quality Aura Cacia products!

Or, better yet, do it yourself! Blending bath salts for yourself allows you to control exactly what ingredients are used. Also, making these blends in small batches allows you to change the essential oil blends you use when you want!

One of the simplest bases for quality bath salts is 4 parts Epsom salts (helps with those sore muscles!), 2 parts coarse sea or kosher salt, and 1 part baking soda. This blend will help with sore muscles, soothe eczema, and may also help calm inflammation. Add an essential oil or blend, and you’ve got a bath that heals both physically and emotionally.

Try this simple recipe:

1 cup Epsom Salts
1 / 2 cup coarse grain salt (sea or kosher work well)
1 / 4 cup baking soda

Mix together in a bowl, then add

1 / 4 cup dried lavender or rose petals, if you have them
5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend (lavender, Ylang Ylang, bergamot, sandalwood are all good choices!)

Mix well and store in an airtight jar. Add ? to ? cup to your bath as the water fills the tub, light a candle and dim the electric lights. Slip into this warm bath and relax!

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Many companies integrate essential oils into their products so that we can benefit from the therapeutic effects of these oils. PlantLife does aromatherapy in soaps right!

Originally a home-based business with a desire for products made with pure essential oils and raw ingredients, PlantLife began in 1994! They manufacture all natural, aromatherapy products that are pleasing to your senses and bring you the health benefits of aromatherapy.

If you believe in the healing qualities of raw, unrefined ingredients these products are for you! PlantLife uses fresh organic herbs, 100% pure essential oils, raw plant oils, and other natural ingredients that soothe and heal your skin and support your body.

PlantLife products are made in the USA, and are cruelty and chemical free! All their products are vegan (except their lip balm), gluten free, non GMO, and contain no artificial colors, fragrances, or synthetics. They are gentle and non-irritation, and are manufactured in small batches with careful quality control! With PlantLife, you get fresh, high quality products.

Herbs Can Cleanse ( carries many PlantLife products, including body wash, bar soaps, foam soaps, and bath salts. We also carry their herbal insect repellent, their essential oils, and fun things for children. Their bath scrubbies and animal bath mitts are kid tested and parent approved!

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Colon Health

Many of us are squeamish when it comes to discussing our colon and our body’s rhythms of elimination with our healthcare professional. But, this topic is important! For example, the average American may be carrying as much as 10-25 pounds of impacted fecal matter in their colon. Toxins wedged in the digestive tract are absorbed by the bloodstream, and result in your body having difficulty assimilating the nutrition from the food you eat! Feeling lethargic or suffering from bloating, constipation, and gas? It may be your colon.

While opinions vary, many say that a healthy colon will produce two to three bowel movements per day. Your body’s rhythm may vary, but many find these come shortly after each meal. If you have difficulty eliminating your body’s waste, this is a sign the colon’s function is impacted. The stool your body produces should be light brown, long and large, and should float on top of the water. Of course, this will vary based on what you ate in recent meals, but overall look for these signs of a healthy colon.

Support your colon in the following ways:
1. Up your fiber. We all know fiber is important! Oatmeal for breakfast; cooked and chilled lentils in your lunchtime salad, berries for snacks (the darker the better), and a plate that is three quarters lightly steamed or stir-fried veggies for dinner will get you very close to the goal of 40 grams of fiber (soluble and insoluble combined) a day.
2. Control your diet. Eliminate processed foods, sugar, white flour, alcohol, and caffeine. Also avoid products with additives, colorings, and preservatives. Read the labels of the food you buy! If the ingredients all sound like chemical names, it’s a product best avoided.
3. Drink plenty of water! Start with 8-10 glasses of pure, filtered water each day, most of it in the morning.
4. Move! Exercise! This speeds up bowel action and encourages healthy elimination.
5. Use a supplement, especially if you feel you may be carrying extra weight in your colon. Digestive enzymes after each meal help your body get the most nutrition out of what you eat.

It’s also a good idea to do an occasional cleanse. Discuss what’s right for your health with your healthcare practitioner, and try some of the high-quality supplements offered by the Herbs Can Cleanse family of sites.


Your Skin

“Is your epidermis showing?” Remember that old joke from childhood? Your epidermis is the outer part of your skin, and your skin is your body’s largest and fastest-growing organ! With a total area of about 20 square feet, our skin protects us in many ways.

How can our skin be an organ? Well, an organ is a collection of different tissues which have a particular organization and perform one (or perhaps several) common function(s). Your skin is an organized part of you that protects you, helps regulate heat, provides sensory input, allows excretion through perspiration.

Because our skin interfaces between the rest of our body and the outside world, it serves a very important function, fighting off so much. Do you ever have skin rash, dermatitis, eczema? How about abscesses, pimples, or other skin disturbances? It makes sense to see this evidence of your skin doing its job. We can help our skin protect us by protecting our skin! How? Here are some suggestions.

When you wash, treat your skin gently. For example, limit bath time. Hot water and long showers/baths remove important oils from your skin. Use comfortably warm water rather than hot.

Avoid strong soaps or soaps with detergents. These also strip protective, moisturizing oils from your skin.

If you shave, do so carefully. To help prevent ingrown hairs, shave in the direction the hair grows. Use quality shaving products to protect and lubricate your skin as you shave.

Pat your skin dry, don’t rub.

Use a quality moisturizer.

At Herbs Can Cleanse, we carry high quality soaps, gentle enough to use with everyone in your family! Choose from four different scents (lavender, lemongrass, vanilla orange, or patchouli) to add aromatherapy to bath time. But most of all, treat your skin well and it will take good care of you!



If you’re like most of us, you know it is important to detoxify your body. Even if you eat a great diet and exercise, your body is assaulted on a daily basis by all the pollutants in the air and water, not to mention in most of the foods we can buy!

Many turn to a detox to boost energy, kickstart weight loss, and reset your system to a healthy baseline. But, how should you approach your detox? How can you make it the most healthy and successful detox possible? There are many things to consider, and you can support the detox supplements you choose with other important strategies.

Here are some tips to help you regain your health using a detox program.

First, consider your overall diet. Supplements alone aren’t enough! Consider loading up on organic greens like kale, and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.). Increase antioxidants buy eating deeply colored fruits and vegetables. Use your detox to branch out into things you might not ordinarily eat.

Make sure you include clean protein! Juicing is great, of course, but you need amino acids as well. These come from eating protein, even plant-based proteins like beans nuts, and seeds. Also consider chicken and fish (from good sources and in moderation).

Try to avoid foods that stress the liver. Keep away from processed sugar, gluten, corn, alcohol, and caffeine. Saturated fats from dairy and red meat are also hard on the liver.

Up your water intake! While you detox, your body will release poisons and waste. Plenty of water will help flush these bad guys out.

Along with your detox supplement, be sure to include B vitamins! Since they are water soluble, your body doesn’t store them. As you increase your water intake, you may need more B complex to support healthy energy and mental clarity.

When you choose a detox supplement, look for herbs that have a long history of use in supporting overall body cleansing. Peppermint leaf, mullein leaf, fenugreek, dandelion, golden seal root, milk thistle, echinacea, black cohosh all have been used over time and may support your body’s natural ability to release toxins.

At Herbs Can Cleanse we feature products by the Pure Body Institute! For body detox, try the Whole Body Program and the Colon Program. These gentle, but effective, cleansing formulas can help your body regain health and vitality! Visit our product pages, ask us questions, and start your own journey to better health.