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Arguing to Argue

Some presented with a new idea think about it, then try it see if it works, especially if it does not risk one’s life. Then there are some who for reasons that can only be described as insanity, argue with anything they don’t already know, even though what they already know and are doing is not working. Yet, new ideas or even old ideas that are not known by those receiving them are instantly scorned, an odd habit brought on by not knowing who and what to trust.Arguing-to-Argue

The majority feel some discomfort in their body. As they get older their pain increases as well as their use of pain suppressive meds. Yet, we don’t defeat our issues hiding from them or medicating them with pain relievers, unless we trust the common ideas and treatments offered by Modern or Big Medicine. The body gets ill due to logical and obvious enemies.

Until we know our enemies come from a toxic often junk food diet and bad habits such as alcohol, vaping, caffeine, coffee, salt, white sugar, white flour, milk, dairy products and all things labeled natural, we will continually be ill. Viruses are Modern Medical Hollywood imagination. They are the stuff of nightmares. Some think they are micro-bots (robots) unleashed to make man sick. False, this does not and has never happened. We are sick due to toxic ingestion repeated over time. The more we abuse our body with the toxic garbage and junk food the worse we will feel. The sooner we add stress to our list, placing a cherry on top the sooner we have all the keys to being ill. Viruses are for Hollywood and Big Pharma to promote. The graphics you have seen of viruses are from skilled artists not microscopes. Detoxify your body or do a simple cleanse and you’ll really start to live.


Organic or Not?

Most of us are obsessed with eating organic produce, if we care at all, and most care at one level or another. But is organic produce all that it is cracked up to be? What is the difference between organic and non-organic produce. Does organic mean that the fruit and veggie in question is chemical free too? Are there rules or regulations protecting us or outlining what constitutes what? Yes, actually there are rules about what is called organic and its maintenance. In the end, if we do not know how to protect ourselves, we become the victim of organicour negligence.

In 2006 the U.S. Congress mandated that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study the dangers of almost 10 thousand commonly used farming pesticides. The reason was concern for child safety. While adults and kids are affected the study would have impact up and down the line. Logic does not discriminate by sex, age, nationality or religion. We are all vulnerable to the effects of toxins regardless of their origin or use.

Organic produce is NOT chemical free and does include pesticides. The determining factors being the following. To be called organic, the ground where the fruit or veggies grow must be black listed pesticide free for a minimum of 3 years. If this standard is not met the product in question cannot be called organic. Growing chemical free produce can be done but likely only in a home garden. And to be fully “added chemical free” the grower would have to avoid all fertilizers as, they are by their nature chemicals aren’t they. In the end, if we eat produce with or without harsh or industrial pesticides, they are without question light years beyond the alternative of eating junk or processed foods. Beware and be healthy.



Every few days or so, I offer a new blog that is topical and or mentally teasing on the subject of health. These blogs are always cutting edge and the sort of thing you do not read just any old place. The subjects I choose are often the total reverse of what we think we know. This is just the kind of blog that is vital as cemented old thoughts trip us up on a regular basis. It is often the most “normal” for most habitscommon run of the mill beliefs or thoughts that give us the most trouble.

Beliefs that are “everyone knows” revolve around everyday habits like salting our food. Many people mindlessly salt their food because their parents and maybe even friends have. Our habits may be cultural, and or traditional, yet being tied to logic based health, they do not cut the mustard. In India 47% of all butter in the world is consumed on a yearly basis as it is part their traditions and societal habits. Does ingesting huge amounts of butter; make the butter consumed, unthreatening to our health? Absolutely not, giving a habit a coat of paint or making it cultural does not change is physical effect.

The hardest habits to break revolve around the time of the day or year or location or some other innocuous reoccurring theme. Using any salt in one’s life is never a good idea as it attacks our cells and pickles them like little Egyptian Mummies. Ingesting any milk or butter, regardless of claim to the heart smart or healthy is a trip down “immune system” shutdown lane. We always need the same things regardless of time of the year. We need 80-120 ounces of water a day and often more. We should never ingest salt or dairy products as they force the body to defend itself from their presence. If this is not clear, read The Ancient Raw Food Diet.


New Year’s Resolutions – It’s Not Too Late

Every 365 days something occurs. You get older and a new year arrives. Most experts agree on has something to do with the other. We can blame circumstance for our condition and health or we can do something about it. Most choose something that has little or nothing to do with a change that improves conditions. Why is that? What are we doing that is not optimum? Are we accidentally failing or are we doomed to not be able to change because of something out of our control like Karma, bad luck or God’s will. As this is not a theological discussion we will not mention God

We can blame disease saying it catches us. Yet, illness follows bad habits of a single insult, or days, weeks, months or years of the same. Why do we not recognize and eliminate these insults? Simply, we as humans are conditioned to repeat habits we enjoy. So much so we would never consider making a change to such an innocuous habit such as drinking milk, eating cereal, having wine, eating bread and more. We should abandon what we do all the time? Factually that is exactly what we should abandon, the things that put us in the soup in the first place.

I have said it thousands of times, but until we do a full three month detox and completely cleanup and permanently change our diet and habits, we will repeat our troubles every few months to a year. The choice to change must be made if one really wants to better his or her condition / health. If there was a magic bullet it would have been discovered long ago. We suffer with our issues until we become free of the toxins that start the ball rolling to new lusts for toxicity.



When the chips are down what do you do? You get up off the mat and “Fight with everything you have got! If you are still losing do not hesitate to fight dirty. Do whatever it takes to survive, or you won’t. Make no mistake. The war you win will save your life, and all of our lives. If you don’t fight dirty, you will have nothing to fight for in the future.” This is the motto Big Medicine who is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in the US as people are getting healthier and healthier.citrus-causes-cancer

The US public is walking away from Big Medicine at a clip not before seen. Their domestic sales are down 2 trillion dollars from 2008. They are in a panic are refusing to accept the diagnosis provided by MD’s. It is so bad that Obama passed his health care act to ensure we were forced to pay for health insurance and likely use it. Big Medicine is a wounded animal and now will say anything to drive sales, as proven by their latest Diabetes ads and pet disease ads.

Make no mistake as to who runs the presidency. It is not who we elected it is ultimately his or her boss, Big Oil, Big War, Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Auto, Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, and the Banking industry. Their whim is our president’s command and desire to enact on a helpless public.

Yet we are not helpless at all. We can VOTE with our minds and cash. What we spend money on determines what is produced. A smart seller sells what people are buying. We are the result of our purchases and the pressures we react to. In the end we are only as bad as we allow ourselves to be. Spend wisely and remake Big Business.



The kidneys are delicate organs about the size of your fist. They constantly filter your blood. One quarter of our blood is in our kidneys at any one time of the day or night. The body is designed to last 80 to 100 years based on the handling and feeding that we do of it. We literally become the results of our habits. If we lift heavy weight on a routine basis until our muscles in that arm are burning, we are tearing muscle and re-growing it, thus we put on muscle.KIDNEYS

If we lie around lazy, eating bon-bon after bon-bon or eat processed carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, cookies, crackers, cake, processed food bars (which are worthless as food), and other desserts or cereals, we will gain weight. We become the result of our habits practiced. This may seem obvious but if you look around at those who complain of some problem from obesity to sore joints, they ignore their eating habits, lack of water, and other habits force these conditions on them. How much more simple can it be? It can’t be simpler, the question is, are we going to pay attention or ignore the obvious.

Cranberry juice has a positive healing effect on the kidneys. We can ignore this fact and throw out a good friend or we can observe this time tested fact and act on it to enhance ourselves. The type of cranberry juice we consume matters. The cranberry juice we choose should not be sweetened and taste yummy meaning it should not explode with flavor. If it does, your juice has been loaded down with sugar and will not act as a kidney aid’ in fact it will have the opposite effect. Cranberry juice that is unfiltered and unsweetened is harder to find, but it is possible to get and therefore very healing and invigorating to our two bean shaped organs (the kidneys). Use Nature as close to the way it grows as possible. Then you are doing the most for yourself.



We are constantly buried in claims Big Medicine is so advanced, it can target problems of the body with genetically modified organisms, or therapy that only affects the issue in question. The previous 2 ½ lines are complete bull crap. The idea that technology from medical science can target issues of the body and only affect the area in question are lies meant to sell the therapy in question. Many have the heard that certain foods are blood cleansers such as garlic and onions. The fact is foods and chemicals to be blood cleansers would mean they are independent actors working in place of our immune system. If this was true, garlic and onions would have achieved artificial intelligence.

In the fantasy world of all fantasy worlds; nothing man-made, nor anything from Nature such as garlic and onions, have achieved artificial Intelligence. The body uses white blood cells to encapsulate invaders (toxins) and takes them to the liver and lymphatic system for detoxification.

When you hear about cancer therapies only targeting the cancer, this is just hype. Toxins are toxins are toxins and they cannot be held in place without circulating around the body affecting it. The entire concept of cancer is flawed. We like to think it is a virus, bizarre growing entity or genetic flaw yet these are erroneous. The body collects waste it can’t breakdown because it can’t break it down. When waste becomes too overwhelming it makes us feel ill and may even collect into a glob or tumor causing great pain and or distress.

The body has not changed, dirt is still dirt, and washing follows the same process done in a shower as in our cells. Cells must unburden their waste or the body get more and more ill.

We can heal and stay well but it means we stay ahead of the curve and make detox a habit while we don’t make a habit of collecting harmful waste.


Tis the Season for Big Medicine Fear

Tis the season to fear vaccinations tra la la la la, la, la, la, la!. Big American medicine’s sales are crashing so hard in 2015, they may not clear 1 trillion dollars. That is fairly remarkable as they posted record sales in 2008 of 2.3 trillion domestic sales as per Kaiser Foundation who monitors such numbers. Consider this as you wonder about the collapse of Big Medicine, in 2014 as per Drug Watch they barely crossed the 1 trillion dollar threshold. What is behind the astronomical decline in Big Medicine? You and I are and people like us who won’t visit them and take their drugs.

Tis the season to attend Big Medical School, tra la la la la la la la la. Earlier I mentioned that it was vaccination season. Well, it is as Big Medicine tries to regain some of its lost sales. They are rolling out Legionnaire’s Disease, West Nile and Flu is right around the corner. When I say rolling out, they do not have a stock pile of disease they unleash on us. It is strictly the power of suggestion and then the mass hysteria that grows from it that makes people sick.

What about attending medical school? Students are entering in record numbers. The amazing thing is that the same students are finishing school and giving up the profession within 5 years of graduation. Why are new MD’s quitting Allopathic Medicine; because, they are frustrated with having their hands tied by the AMA and Big Pharma who are pushing them to be drug dealers, not healers.  Factually we cannot heal someone who is being poisoned and drugs are poisons. This is not debatable. Alternative Medicine treats the person in front of the doctor vs. trying to fit him into a drug cocktail that makes him his living. Be wise, think for yourself with Nature.



As man developed here on Earth he has grown to enjoy his cravings. Thousands of years ago when a different breed of man walked the globe, his diet was perfunctory or based on function not frivolity. As wandering groups became villages man had free time versus chasing his next meal. Disease was nearly unheard of in wild yet city life saw the need to feed the masses cheaply. Grains were too expensive and not plentiful enough until they’re ground and mixed with filler ingredients. Fillers do just what the name implies; they increase density without increasing nutritional value.

Egyptian water was terrible as the Nile was used as washing machine, sewer and crop irrigation source. Imagine how healthy it was to eat grains or any foods grown in sewage in Egypt. Water was so bad in ancient Egypt a form of beer was developed as it was safer to drink than getting water from the polluted Nile. We think we have it bad today? In ancient Egypt, the people could not get a drink of water without risking their health. Today we destroy the health of our fellow man due to greed for profit taking advantage of his toxic addictions for white sugar, caffeine and alike.

The standard Western diet is a concatenation of addictions spruced up to look like food. So we ingest preservatives that pickle us, colorings that cause cancer (also pickling us). Our diet is based on making money not healthy bodies. Eating fractured grains such as cereal, breads, pasta, crackers, cakes, cookies, doughnuts and other similar junk, produces swollen unhealthy bodies and lives. We Westerners bounce from one craving or addiction to another. Then we use a powerful addiction of an opposite variety to balance out the effects of the first addiction, like jumping salt to sugar to sugar to salt. Whole Raw Foods are not political and make no one rich other than the eater who is rich in health.


Simple Body Saving Gazpacho

GazpachoThe ingredients we consume on a regular basis are beneficial for us and improve our health or they degrade it. Much of what we cook is of no use to our body as its enzymes were lost in the cooking process. When we pay attention to what we eat we can feel much better than if we throw caution to the wind. If we take the time to make good healthy, food it is easy to make.

How to make your healthy soup:

5 ripe tomatoes chopped – can use more if desired
1 cup or one large chopped cucumber
1 1/2 cups red bell pepper finely chopped
1/2 cup – about 1/4 medium red onion
6 finely chopped green onions
1 cup fresh chopped cilantro
4 cloves fresh garlic minced
1 Tbsp cumin
1 Tbsp – about 1/2 small hot green chilli for a touch of heat
1 tsp Celtic sea salt depending on your taste
1/4 cup filtered cold water or more for desired consistency
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
¼ cup fresh lime juice

Place all ingredients in a good blender and pulse to the desired consistency. You can also hand stir the contents if you do not have a good enough blender.

For a chunky consistency add
1 cup finely diced chopped green pepper
2 stalks of finely chopped celery
1/2 cup cucumber finely chopped or cut in to quarter wedges about an 8th of an inch thick

Again place the full contents in a bowl and add the previous mix (from earlier) and allow the flavors to meld together. The contents can be served an hour after mixed. You can even leave it overnight before serving. Adding diced avocado upon serving is a popular option for many wanting more protein.