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Tis the Season for Big Medicine Fear

Tis the season to fear vaccinations tra la la la la, la, la, la, la!. Big American medicine’s sales are crashing so hard in 2015, they may not clear 1 trillion dollars. That is fairly remarkable as they posted record sales in 2008 of 2.3 trillion domestic sales as per Kaiser Foundation who monitors such numbers. Consider this as you wonder about the collapse of Big Medicine, in 2014 as per Drug Watch they barely crossed the 1 trillion dollar threshold. What is behind the astronomical decline in Big Medicine? You and I are and people like us who won’t visit them and take their drugs.

Tis the season to attend Big Medical School, tra la la la la la la la la. Earlier I mentioned that it was vaccination season. Well, it is as Big Medicine tries to regain some of its lost sales. They are rolling out Legionnaire’s Disease, West Nile and Flu is right around the corner. When I say rolling out, they do not have a stock pile of disease they unleash on us. It is strictly the power of suggestion and then the mass hysteria that grows from it that makes people sick.

What about attending medical school? Students are entering in record numbers. The amazing thing is that the same students are finishing school and giving up the profession within 5 years of graduation. Why are new MD’s quitting Allopathic Medicine; because, they are frustrated with having their hands tied by the AMA and Big Pharma who are pushing them to be drug dealers, not healers.  Factually we cannot heal someone who is being poisoned and drugs are poisons. This is not debatable. Alternative Medicine treats the person in front of the doctor vs. trying to fit him into a drug cocktail that makes him his living. Be wise, think for yourself with Nature.


What We Think

hypnoOur thoughts are a major factor in how well we get along in life. We are eaten up by doubts, lost confidence, fears, and upsets we still mull over in our mind. While there are a lot of that we may find it hard to control, the thing we can control about our health is our belief system. Gravity will still be gravity and up will not be down or vice versa. If we decide we are sick or not good enough it is not long until we are not good enough or sick. We do not have any friends on TV as the FTC allows Big Pharma to say whatever they want with the backing of the FDA. How are we supposed to get ahead or win and being healthy with so much against us?

We are conditioned by the media via Big Pharma think that we are ill, will be ill and will always be ill. The only choice the want us to make is, with what drug would we like to be using while we are ill? The monopoly of Modern Medicine is a mega corporation; it fears nothing and for all intents and purposes is the only game in town. To them they are not worried if you are too busy to be healthy. The fact is they are betting on this lazy attitude.

Until we change our mind by learning how our body works, what the importance of detox and diet change are, we will remain ill. We will also remain ill if we keep buying the drugs and poisons sold as food that have been making us ill for more than 50 years. We must get off our drugs, give up the idea we have diabetes and instead call it what it is, a weakness in the kidneys and liver. Finally we must give up White Sugar, Salt, Processed Sodium and Alcohol or there is very little we can expect to do to be healthy.



fat-moneyWho loves you? The federal government says they love you but what they really love is your money. The way a government gets what they want out of you is via FREEDOMS that allow you to poison yourself and get ill doing it. Sounds crazy? Not really. Imagine arriving at a massive Smorgasbord and given a green light to eat all you want because nothing there will make you fat. Most would eat until they were sick and near vomiting. That is some government huh? Well, that is your government.

What is the supposed motivation behind or for your government wanting to make you ill, and fat? Are we happier when we are fatter? Will we all take on the persona of Santa Claus and become benevolent gift givers? There must be a darn good reason for a government sabotaging its public, but what is it? The US government has its reasons from ignoring Pearl Harbor warnings coming from multiple sources to making agreements with world leaders we would eventually be at war with. What is behind such political strategy? Some say it is money. As war is one of the most lucrative industries known to man. Yet what about diseases like Ebola. Surely there is not money there, is there?

Big Pharma quietly directs many government policies. Being 10 lbs above one’s ideal weight increase their disease probability by 6 ½%. One 60 lbs over their ideal weight is 39% more likely to be ill than one who is at their ideal weight. Imagine one is 100 lbs overweight. If we eat junk food which is constantly promoted by TV and media our likelihood of being ill goes off the charts. The government is a well-known indirect partner of Big Pharma taking 1 billion in fees to approve a drug for sale broadly. That is why we are allowed to be sick and fat.


RJ Reynolds and Ebola?

the doctor is inWhat does science fiction, two American missionaries, RJ Reynolds tobacco company and Ebola have in common, as it turns out, a lot. Ebola has surprising company as tobacco-giant R.J. Reynolds has the rights to an experimental serum that is the leading candidate to receive approval for world-wide use. How odd a company that activity promotes the cancer deaths of its users is now trying to save lives all bet them imaginary deaths.

When people are not using enough of your tobacco product why not create a drug made with tobacco leaves? The drug, never before used on humans, is made from tobacco plants and was manufactured by Kentucky Bioprocessing, a Reynolds American subsidiary. Fear and stress brought on by fear is the thing that kills those fearful of catching a virus. Factually the elements that are called viruses are currently present in the bodies of all humans. Is this something to fear? No, as long as we have a healthy immune system to fight back. The former illustrates why we should not smoke or use any tobacco, salt, processed sodium and white sugar or any processed sugar.

Big Pharma is trying desperately to create enough fear to drive the American public to demand a vaccine. As FDR (Franklyn Delano Roosevelt) said The Only thing to fear is fear itself.” What one fears real or not becomes real in his mind and via such stress start reducing the power of his immune system. The sickest people are those who believe they are doomed to illness. What we put our attention on good or bad, creates a physical response.

If you have been watching the news, the Worry Mongers have told us to fear Ebola, West Nile, Human EV-D68 virus, and of course N1H1 is set to return. What is going on? Big Pharma is fishing American waters for patients in a desperate hunt for income.