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For many the confusion drilled in by advertisers who seek to control our pocket books & therefore our health is daunting. Daily, the demand for a quick fixes mounts. But the lust for toxic fare is also at a fever pitch. For those who are confused and addicted, which is most of us, the din from our own cravings is enough to drive us completely nuts. Cravings come loud and hard and most prevalently in the afternoon and evening.

Who in their right mind tells their nutritionist or doctor that they want to lose weight but WILL NOT GIVE UP chocolate, sugar, salt, candy, bread, caffeine and continuous eating. Yet there it is. I hear reports of this daily. Who would do such a thing? The addicted would do such a thing; as they are completely twisted by the toxic wasteland marbling their fat.

Our fat is a waste depository for whatever the body cannot understand, there is too much of, or is so toxic it must be stored there for safe keeping. Think of fat as a nuclear waste storage site that is expandable. The only reason we don’t burst into flames due to this muck is because it is kept separate. We had enough chemicals in our fatty tissue to kill us several times over if it was released. This is why we must go very slowly when we detox the body. We must keep our channels of elimination open and flowing or we are in deep water without a paddle as gales are blowing. The book The Ancient Raw Food Diet is exquisite as it teaches you how to responsibly detox your body and diet with aplomb.