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Bacteria is a great killer, and we must be free of them right? Of course we do, we are weaklings in search of cleansers right? Are we all in search of bleach and ammonia so we can survive an avalanche of death falling on our head? According to sickness sellers and bacteria experts who are the same people, the answer is yes. How we can get up daily and survive in a deadly environment so daunting? Yes, the answer must be constant hand washing and disinfecting all of our surfaces. Is that really the answer or a manic habit sold to people in fear of what they can’t control or have been told is out of their control?

Soap is a cleanser. Think that over as you consider the sales pitch “antibacterial soap.” A cleanser is always antibacterial unless we are so naïve to think bacteria has levels of strength. Are we to believe playground dirt is dirtier than dirt found around your house or in your toilet? The amount of toxicity we are exposed to daily would kill us if we did not have some sort of system that protects us.

Soap is cleansing, detoxing or destructive to all substances that are found on the body otherwise known as the skin. The only caveat to toxicity is oil which usually takes a little more work to remove as most cleansers are water based. An antibacterial soap is no different than any other soap that is used to wash. Washing in and of itself is detoxifying to what is washed. The marketing of antibacterial soap is simply marketing as a bacterium is no different than any other toxic element. The difference is the story that accompanies the product or causes its sale.