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The world can seem to be a very toxic place, especially if you live in an urban setting. So, the
desire most of us have to clean and sanitize is quite natural. Because of this, antibacterial soaps
have been a part of our household landscape for decades. And for almost as long, many
doctors have urged against prolonged and ongoing use of these products. The main reason for
this is that they cause stronger strains of bacteria to grow, but these products are also bad for
the environment, increase the risk of allergies, and may disrupt hormones.

Over these years, the marketing of antibacterial soaps has probably convinced you or someone
you know that simple soap isn’t good enough for today’s dirt, and you need something extra
strong to protect yourself and your loved ones! Unfortunately, most of these antibacterial
soaps may be working against us! So much so that that FDA recently issued a rule banning the
use of 19 chemicals used in consumer hand and body washes. (See

So, as parents or caregivers, what should we do to ensure a clean environment for our families
and ourselves? Fortunately, aromatherapy can help! Such beautifully-smelling oils as
eucalyptus (a germicidal), peppermint (antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral), and lavender
(antibacterial and antiseptic) can all provide safe protection. And, don’t forget the old standby,
tea tree oil!

Remember what we discussed in earlier blogs, and use these powerful oils safely! Or, instead,
try the high-quality and safe products from PlantLife. Bar soaps that are both safe and
effective and that contain your favorite essential oils are available, as are foam soaps and body