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Aromatherapy for the Winter Blues

Long winter nights and short winter days can bring about a little of the winter blues! These feelings can be especially severe in the days following the excitement that lasts from Halloween through Thanksgiving and Christmas (or other winter holidays that you celebrate with your family), New Years, and finally Valentine’s Day.

Now that Puxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow and we’re facing six more weeks until spring, it’s time to use aromatherapy to chase away those winter doldrums! Through scent, aromatherapy stimulates our senses and, depending on the scent, helps our mood and spirits!

Try these scents. They might just help lift your spirits and create a sense of well-being!

Ylang ylang. This oil is considered to be an antidepressant and is used as an antiseptic. It may also help you relax and access pleasant memories!

Tangerine. This oil may help you relax without feeling tired! Other uses include the treatment of inflammation and reduction of nervous disorders.

Sandalwood. This oil may help calm your nerves and is also used to sooth inflammation and boost immunity.

Sweet Orange. This charming scent may lift your spirits and stimulate your libido! It is also considered to be a general tonic, reducing emotional disturbance and boosting immunity.

Rosewood. Essential oil of rosewood my help fight winter blues, while enhancing libido and stimulating healthy brain activity. And, that headache you have? Try inhaling this scent and your headache may just disappear!

Lavender Bulgarian. Lavender can be calming and help promote sleep. It is also thought to enhance blood circulation and soothe indigestion.

Lemon. The tart and sweet scent of lemon stimulates our senses and may help your mood.

Grapefruit. Essential oil of grapefruit is a wonderful scent thought to lift your spirits out of the winter blues and can stimulate your appetite!

These are some classical uses of certain oils. But, if you have a favorite scent (perhaps not listed here), your personal connection to that essential oil can help carry you through this season.

Use any of these scents in your aromatherapy diffuser. Or blend a few drops into a carrier oil and apply sparingly to the pressure points.