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Aromatherapy – How to use it

Herbs Can Cleanse recommends the product line from PlantLife Natural Body Care, and these
products are available on our website. They make it convenient for you to integrate
aromatherapy into your life in the following ways:

Aromatic Baths. Baths are an aromatic and convenient way to begin to experience the benefits
of aromatherapy. PlantLife products are developed using old-world formulas and are
completely free of gluten, GMOs, parabens, SLS sulfates, and artificial colors or dyes. They
contain absolutely no animal products and are cruelty-free. PlantLife only uses 100% pure
essential oils and fresh herbs.

So, experiencing an aromatic bath is as simple as following these steps
Set the mood. Light a candle; play some soft, soothing music; turn your phone off to avoid
interruptions. You may also dim the lights, but be sure to remain safe!
Draw the bath. Check the temperature of the water. Add PlantLife Bath Salts or a few drops of
an essential oil such as lavender, calendula, eucalyptus, or another favorite. (Be careful not to
go overboard.) Have an Aromatherapy Herbal Bar from PlantLife (or your own favorite bar of
high-quality soap) ready.

Soak! Submerge your body in the aromatic bath, and relax. Close your eyes and let yourself
float. Allow the water and fragrance to gently soothe your tired muscles. Imagine the stress of
the day, and all your problems, fading away. When you empty the tub, they can go down the
drain with the water!

Finish with a brief shower. About 15-20 minutes is a good amount of time to experience
relaxation and stress relief. After a bath, many like to finish with a shower to more completely
wash away the stress. Use your favorite bar of soap.

Regular practice of aromatic baths can improve the quality of your life!
Diffusers. This method is ideal for releasing essential oils in the home (including bedroom,
living room, etc.) or office.

There are several types of diffusers. Some, such as candle and electric heat diffusers, use heat
to release the aroma. These are easy to use, but heat may damage some essential oils. The
other main type of diffuser is a cool air nebulizing diffuser. This type uses air pressure to
vaporize the essential oils. The essential oils are released into the air. This type of diffusion
maximizes benefits, but the unit will need to be cleaned regularly and cannot be used with all
oils. Thicker oils, such as sandalwood or ylang-ylang cannot be diffused with this method.
These two methods are the most accessible to those new to the use of aromatherapy. We’ll
discuss other methods in future articles. Send us an email (or comment) with your questions!