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Did you know that Herbs Can Cleanse carries more than just high-quality supplements to support your body’s health? While you may have noticed our specially selected lines of natural skin care products, we also carry resource materials to help you educate yourself about natural health and your body’s needs. Our selection of books, charts, and DVDs can help you understand your physical health needs without using big pharma products you may be concerned about.


One of our favorite authors is Elson Haas, MD. Dr. Haas is an allopathic physician who blends different approaches to support your health into a system he calls NEW (Natural, Eastern, and Western medicines). His book “The Detox Diet,” now in its third edition, is a must have to use as a roadmap to making changes in your health through changes in your diet! Read about how caffeine and sugar impact your body, understand why you are tired/fatigued even though you’re not overly active, and find natural ways to control blood pressure and blood cholesterol!

Another popular name in the field is David “Avocado” Wolfe. After developing an intolerance to dairy when he was 18, he went on a life-long journey exploring diet and natural health. You’ve probably heard reference to “superfoods.” What are they? How can they support your health? Find out in Mr. Wolfe’s book “Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future.” This book can help you understand which foods are nutritionally dense and offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. Learn about goji berries, hempseed, maca, spirulina, and a host of other superfoods. These foods are powerful sources of the nutrients your body needs to operate at optimal health.

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