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Cleansing Herbs

Nature’s Best Cleansing Herbs
The following herbs are traditionally used during cleansing. They give support to the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. Many will agree that a combination of herbs are powerful aids for healing the body without the use of chemicals.

These are the best herbs to use while doing a cleanse as they facilitate the cleansing process. When you prep your liver and kidney (for seven days) prior to starting your intensive total body cleanse, you greatly reduce any auto-toxicity / healing crisis responses associated with deep tissue detoxification. It is vital that your colon remain open and functioning in aiding this process. An unblocked colon allows you to absorb nutrients from the foods you eat. If you are thinking of doing a cleanse of any kind and have questions, ask your doctor. If you are on doctor prescribed medication let your doctor know that you want to do an herbal cleanse. Unfortunately the use of herbs is not taught in medical school. As a result many doctors are not familiar with herbals and may not share your enthusiasm regarding their use. Ultimately, it is up to you to “treat” yourself and make your own health decisions. Always decide what is good for you based on your own reading and research. If your doctor has your best interests in mind he or she will champion your interest in taking control of your own health. Cleanse and Purify and be healthy!

Barberry Root
helps remove morbid matter from the stomach and bowels. It dilates blood vessels and has a very powerful effect on liver problems.

Black Cohosh Root
has the ability to neutralize certain poisons in the bloodstream. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. It contains vitamin A factors, and phosphorus.

Buckthorn Bark
has a stimulating effect on the bile and a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Also good for the skin.

Burdock Root
is one of the best blood purifiers, and promotes kidney function to help clear the blood of harmful acids. It has anti-poisoning effects. It also aids the pituitary gland by releasing protein to help adjust hormone balance, which may aid in the adjustment of excess weight. It contains vitamins C, A, P, and B complex, iron and trace mineral factors. It is also a tonic for the skin.

Capsicum or Cayenne Fruitis
said to be unequaled for helping ward off certain ill-health conditions and promoting blood circulation and body warmth. It is an excellent internal disinfectant. Cayenne augments the power of all other herbs. It often helps relieve cramps. It contains vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, as well as some B complex. It is also rich in potassium.

Cascara Sagrada Bark
is rich in hormone-like oils that promote peristaltic action (the squeezing motion which causes bowel movement) in the intentional canal. According to research, Cascara Sagrada also helps restore natural tone to the colon. It helps increase the secretions of the stomach, liver, and pancreas. It helps in painless evacuations and is very cleansing to the colon. The American Indians called it “The Secret Bark” because of the excellent results they obtained. It contains B-complex factors, calcium, potassium, and manganese.

Chickweed Herb
is valuable for combating blood toxicity and inflammation. Chickweed resists plaque in the blood vessels and fatty substances in the system. Soothes internal inflammation. It is rich in iron, copper and vitamin C. Also is a mild diuretic and may be helpful in weight loss.

Dandelion Root
benefits the liver function. It helps stimulate the liver to detoxify poisons. It may help reduce the sugar in the blood and has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains protein, vitamins A, B, C and E and is rich in potassium, calcium, and sodium.

is beneficial as an infection fighter as an immune supporter. It contains a substance that counteracts tissue-dissolving enzymes, helping keep them out of the body tissue. It increases the body’s ability to resist infections by aiding the production of white blood cells. It is considered one of the best blood cleansers and has been called “King of the Blood Purifiers”. It contains vitamins A, E, C, as well as iodine and copper.

Fennel Seed
helps nutritionally to suppress the appetite. It aids the nervous system in helping to move waste materials out of the body. It also counteracts herbs that may cause intestinal cramps. It contains potassium, sulfur and sodium.

Fenugreek Seed
has the ability to soften and dissolve hardened masses of accumulated mucus. It reduces infections in the lungs. Fenugreek contains lecithin which helps dissolve cholesterol and contains lipotropic (fat dissolving) substances, which dissolve deposits of fat. It contains vitamins A and D, is rich in minerals and is high in protein.

Gentian Root
helps nutritionally to suppress the appetite. It aids the nervous system in helping to move waste materials out of the body. It also counteracts herbs that may cause intestinal cramps. It contains potassium, sulfur and sodium.

Ginger Root
helps relieve indigestion and abdominal cramping by soothing the gastrointestinal tract. Effective as a cleansing agent through the bowels, kidneys, and skin, it also stimulates circulation and warmth. It also hastens the effect of other herbs and helps promote a feeling of well being. It contains proteins, vitamins A, C and B-complex as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, and contains substances similar to the digestive enzymes that break down proteins.

Golden Seal Root
has been recommended as a way of helping to boost a sluggish glandular system and promoting youthful hormone harmony. This membrane-strengthening herb goes directly into the system and bloodstream and helps regulate the liver function. It has been used for alcoholism and indigestion. It contains vitamins A and C, B-complex, E, plus calcium, copper, potassium, lots of phosphorus, manganese, iron, zinc and sodium.

Irish Moss
purifies and strengthens the cellular structure and vital fluids of the system, and is found in cosmetics as a skin softener. It contains vitamins A, D, E and K. High in calcium and iodine.

Licorice Root
works as a stimulant on the adrenal glands and endocrine system. Licorice also stimulates cell production of interferon, the body’s own anti-viral compound. Archaeologists found a bundle of licorice sticks among King Tut’s Tomb of Treasures. It contains vitamin E, phosphorus, B-complex, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, lecithin, manganese, iodine, chromium and zinc.

Milk Thistle
has been widely used in Europe as a digestive tonic for years. Excellent for liver disorders, it encourages liver cell renewal in a wide range of degenerative conditions.

Mullein Leaf
is a very beneficial respiratory herb. It has the ability to loosen mucus and move it out of the body. It nourishes as well as strengthens. It contains iron, magnesium, potassium, hesperidin, sulfur, and Vitamin A, D & B-complex.

Oregon Grape Root
is well known for the treatment of skin problems. It is an excellent blood purifier. It also aids in the assimilation of nutrients, with its stimulating and purifying properties. It contains manganese, sodium, copper and zinc.

Peach Leaves
are naturally laxative and have an excellent soothing effect on the nervous system.

Peppermint Leaf
helps bring oxygen into the bloodstream. It is soothing to the system as well as strengthening for the heart muscles. It contains vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium, niacin, inositol, iron and menthol.

Prickly Ash Bark
has a stimulating effect upon the lymphatic system and circulation. It helps increase the activity of the liver, pancreas, spleen and can increase urine flow.

Psyllium Husk
is considered an excellent colon and intestinal cleanser. It lubricates and helps increase the bulk of the stool, and it may help absorb chemicals.

Rhubarb Root
is more than a pie filling. The root has been used when fecal matter has accumulated in the intestines or to help prevent such accumulation. It contains vitamins A, C and B-complex. It is high in calcium and contains some trace minerals.

Safflower Herb
is a popular remedy for sluggish liver and gall bladder problems. It has the ability to remove hard phlegm from the system. It neutralizes uric acid and aids in bowel function. It contains vitamin K. B

Sarsaparilla Herb
is used in glandular balance formulas and has stimulating properties. It contains vitamins B-complex, A, C and D, as well as iron, manganese, sodium, sulfur, copper, zinc and iodine.

Slippery Elm Bark
has the ability to help neutralize stomach acidity and to absorb foul gas. It helps boost output of the cortin hormone, which in turn helps send blood-building substances through the system. It helps draw out impurities and soothes irritated or inflamed membranes. It contains vitamin E. It also contains iron, sodium, calcium, selenium, and other trace elements.

Yarrow Flower
is used as a tonic in helping to regulate the function of the liver and heal the glandular system. It acts as a blood cleanser. It contains vitamin A, C, E, manganese, copper, potassium, iodine, iron and anti-inflammatory factors.

Yellow Dock Root
is a natural astringent and powerful blood purifier and is useful in certain skin ailments. It helps improve the flow of bile and nutritionally aids the spleen and liver. It contains vitamins A and C, iron and trace minerals.


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KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If you are pregnant or nursing or have a medical condition or are taking any prescription drug, consult your physician or health care professional before using any of the herbs listed on this page.

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The Importance Of Herbal Cleansing

The Importance Of Herbal Cleansing:

These herbs have been used to cleanse the blood, aid in the digestion and easy absorption of nutrients, to stimulate circulation, and to maintain rapid detoxification of harmful chemicals. When the blood, cells, and tissues are clean, the whole body becomes balanced and functions harmoniously.


Other than living in a hermetically sealed environment, it is impossible not to be contaminated, to some degree, by toxins.
Toxins in the blood due to dirty bowel circulate to every organ and cell. Maintaining a clean colon inhibits pollutants from entering the body, thus protecting the glandular and hormonal systems and sensitive tissues from interacting with these materials. In addition, by removing these stagnant colon wastes, more nutrients pass into the bloodstream.

A body free of wastes, toxic poisons, drug residues, environmental pollutants is a healthier, more energetic body.


With the exception of pure air, there is no other element in nature that is as important as clean drinking water. Water helps to deliver essential nutrients as well as remove the blood’s foulest materials. If you don’t drink enough water, the blood can get thick and sticky, and the entire system has to work harder, letting waste materials accumulate more quickly and creating problems. Drink eight glasses of pure water daily.

Proper exercise in the open air and sunshine is among the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It gives good form, strength, buoyancy, and maintains a healthy, cheerful attitude. It doesn’t even have to be vigorous exercises like jogging, aerobics, or swimming. Just taking a brisk twenty-minute walk is helpful and will increase the rate at which excess calories are burned off. Regular exercise supports your body’s detoxification systems.

Historically, our ancestors used fasts to clear the mind before important decisions were to be made. It helped their clarity and awareness. They knew as you will discover through Herbal Cleansing, that a clean body unclouds the mind, producing cleaner, higher thought, besides helping you to control your eating habits. Short fasts, even a day or two, are very beneficial. It is also very good for the body to abstain from rich food and to eat only plain food (vegetables, juices, fruits) for a few consecutive days.


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Healthy Herbs

A History of the Power of Herbs:
Prehistoric men and women used plants to treat physical complaints long before written history began. They undoubtedly learned by trial and error which plants were useful and which weren’t. In the written record, the study of herbs dates back over five thousand years to the Sumerians, who described well -established uses for such plants as laurel, caraway, and thyme. The first known Chinese herb book, dating from about 2700 B.C., lists 365 herbal plants and their uses. The ancient Greeks and Romans valued plants for various uses and provided the patterns for later western medicine. The first European treatise on the properties and uses of medicinal plants, De Materia Medica, was compiled by the Greek Physician Dioscondes, in the first century A.D., This compendium remained the authoritative reference into the seventeenth century. The continuing importance of herbs for the centuries following the Middle Ages is indicated by the hundreds of herbal publications issued after the invention of printing in the fifteenth century, as well as a resurgence of interest in our own generation.

What the FDA has to do with herbals:
In 1906 the FDA came into existence with the passage of the Federal Food and Drug Act. This act/law made it a crime for a processed consumable to be sold without an FDA approval. The FDA later partnered with the AMA to control the flow of drugs. Today, drugs approved by the FDA are those that can be isolated through a chemical reactions (laboratory process). This, of course, excludes all natural substances such as herbs and herbal formulas as they do not go through lab processing. The chemical process renders drugs patentable as they are created in a laboratory and not in nature. The FDA does not recognize Homeopathy due to its limited laboratory processing.

The only processing that herbal formulas receive is via cold pressing into capsules or tablets, hardly a dense chemical laden laboratory process. Because of that, the dried leaves, roots, twigs, flowers, and barks used in these mixtures are still viable and healing to the body. Therefore, the FDA does not recognize herbals as their lack of processing precludes them. The FDA is only interested in chemicals, drugs and big money. Herbal formulas are small potatoes compared to the remarkably lucrative drug industry.

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