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Smart Shoppers Buying Club

Smart Shoppers Buying Club


Dear Customer,

Are you a frequent user of the products we sell at Herbs Can Cleanse? Then you’ll be interested in our Smart Shoppers Buying Club! Invest in your health at a rate that’s comfortable for you. We’ll offer benefits to club members throughout the life of their investment. This program is not available online so give us a call and sign up today.

Pay less! Get discounts!

The perks:

  • Full protection against price increases.
  • Your prices will stay the same for the entirety of the package you choose.
  • Your shipping charges are reduced or eliminated.


The Smart Plan:

  • Easy purchases with an email message or phone call
  • Discounted shipping by 50% for three years
  • No price increases for three years


The Genius Plan:

  • Easy purchases with an email message or phone call
  • Free shipping for five years (even when the cost of shipping increases – you still pay nothing!)
  • Discounts on select products
  • No price increases for five years


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The regular price of this wonderful organic soap is $5.25. Get Moon Valley Organics soap bars now for $4.85.

Work up a silky lather and lavish over the entire body, not forgetting behind the ears.
Gentle enough to use on your face as well as your body.
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Kidney Rescue and Liver Balance Plus

Take a moment to read through these questions. Answer honestly to find out if using Kidney Rescue and Liver Balance Plus would be beneficial to you. When we get into a slump it’s some times hard to find the way out until it’s too late. When this happens we find that an everyday task has turned into an overwhelming and emotionally draining episode. When we are able to keep a balanced energy within our body we can see that balance comes out in the things we do. Read the questions below to find out where you stand on the scale.

Liver issues. Liver questions.

If the Liver is affected you will notice it in the following areas: Skin irritation, eye irritation, aches and pains, frayed emotions, headaches, low energy, foggy thinking, slow reaction time, fatigue, muscle weakness, congestion, and mental stress.

Does your liver need help?

1) Do your moods run you?
2) Do you get headaches?
3) Do you get reoccurring muscle and joint pain?
4) Is it hard to stay in a good mood?
5) Is your vision fuzzy or blurry from time to time?
6) Do you get irritable from time to time?
7) Do you or have you had Gallbladder or Liver problems?
8) Do you have trouble concentrating, feel foggy or slow?
9) Do you run out of energy during the day?
10) Do “things” just build up and get to you?
11) Do you have allergies or congestion?
12) Does an area of your skin frequently burn or itch?
13) Do your eyes burn, get red, irritated or itchy?
14) Do you have insomnia or are you restless?
15) Are you frequently awake between 1:30 to 3:30 A.M.?
16) Do you have “Liver” or “Age Spots”?
17) Is your skin broken out or blemished?
18) Are your emotions on a roller coaster?
19) Do you later have to apologize for your bad moods?
20) Is there always “something” wrong?
21) If you are upset, is it best not to talk to you?
22) Does the cheeriness of others annoy you?
23) Does this list irritate you?
Count your YES answers and see below.

0-3 – Great! LBP will help you maintain.
4-6 – You would see a clear benefit.
7 or more – Liver Balance Plus is for you.

Learn more about the liver here.

Kidney issues. Kidney questions.

Treat the Kidneys right, as they are the Master Organs. The kidneys, liver and heart form a triad that does not stop working unless damaged.

Do Your Kidneys Need Help?

Answer yes to the phrases that describe you:

1. I have low back/hip pain.
2. I feel “worn out” in the afternoon.
3. I have pain in my muscles/joints.
4. I have/had kidney or bladder infections.
5. I have/had pain in my ankles(s).
6. I have left shoulder pain.
7. My sex drive is reduced/sub par.
8. I have wrist/elbow pain.
9. My nails are weak/chip or break.
10. I have puffiness/redness/bags/dark circles under my eyes.
11. My muscles are stiff/painful long after I exercise.
12. I have little stamina to perform everyday activities.
13. My hair is thinning/thinned.
14. I have scalp irritations.
15. I have /had reproductive issues.
16. I have pain/harsh period cramps.
17. I have/had problems of the pancreas/spleen.
18. I frequently have to urinate.
19. I have deep muscle tingling/numbness/pain.
20. I have/get/had swollen joints.
21. I am exhausted in the morning.
22. I eat sugar/caffeine.
23. I eat processed carbohydrates (bread, pasta, crackers).
24. I have weakness/pain on the left side of my body.
25. I drink less than 80 ounces of water a day.
26. I have been worried about my kidneys.
27. I have never done/not recently done an herbal inner cleanse.
Scoring: Count your YES answers:

0 – May not be an issue yet.
1-2 – A slight problem that can be improved.
3-5 – Chronic, may continue to worsen.
6 + – Severe, help is needed now.

Learn more about the kidneys here.

Using equal amounts of Kidney Rescue and Liver Balance Plus will allow the body to adjust and keep inner balance.

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