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Most talk endlessly about wanting to change in some way, from weight loss to learning French water color technique. This condition gives us various phrases we have all heard before like “walk the walk” or “action speaks louder than words.” In the end, we admire those who take action and hold them up as champions. Many live vicariously through their heroes while simultaneously “lit up” by lethargy and indecision yet based on results, with live with these flaws or weaknesses on a daily basis. How can we be so conflicted and not be on the ground flailing in despair? Perhaps the answer to the last question is hope or a short memory.3-books-bezanis

Change takes several things. As the mind in key to the process convincing it is of paramount concern. Yet how does one change their mind? We can’t feel, see, smell or taste a mind but we all have one, so how is it changed? Is a mind like a soul? Perhaps, but this is not a theological discussion. Suffice to say, the mind is similar to or the same as thought which meets the earlier outline. The most successful way to change a mind is to educate it. You have heard of “Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing,” “pH MADNESS” and “The Ancient Raw Food Diet.” These books are best described as profound and inspiring. They are heroic in their scope and dynamic in their results.

Change via educating yourself about what you want to change. You cannot build a computer unless you have a plan and understanding about what you are doing. For the past 100 years Big Medicine has worked hard to make sure that knowledge would be forgotten and more recently, completely unknown. The keys to understanding and workable plans to make those changes are fully illuminated in the aforementioned books. Read them.