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Comfort of Illness

No one wants to be ill except those that do not know anything else. The sane reaction to being healthy is, desiring it and working for it. We talk about and expect people to naturally want to be healthy. But who says all people everywhere want to be healthy? We may have an expectation that people sleep in beds not in closets yet, that is just an expectation. What we think is sane and normal is not duplicated from person to person. When we are taught lessons for whatever reason, we are often impacted and take them on as part of our makeup. What do you think is the reaction in young minds to constant ads talking about being ill? What do you think?

A message repeated good or bad leaves an impact on the receiver. TV is a repetitive imprinting device that we invite into our homes. Nightly we stare at out TV endlessly falling asleep in front of our TV. With constant electronic messages pounding on us, we involuntarily / voluntarily are programed in under 10 minutes of input.  Programs vie for the prime spots during popular programs. A good slot reaches 100’s of millions on a given day.

The fact is 90+% of us can be labeled ill at any one moment. 80+% welcome the news as it is comforting to be on a routine, even a bad one. Another 9% will fight their diagnosis but can be convinced. The last 1% will not accept any label of illness and will fight to recover via natural means. What makes us accept illness? The fact that the devil we know is always perceived better than the devil we don’t. Another reason people stay ill is to retain their identity. Who would they be if they were not ill? Being healthy is a new responsibility, not something those wanting the easy road want to pursue.