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Detox Fasting Plan C by Roger Bezanis

For 3 – 7 days do the following (this process can be followed for up to 21 days):


The mix below is consumed at breakfast, lunch, dinner and whenever you want it in between.  But you are only getting 64 ounces of the drink per day.  If you consume all of your drink before your last sip at bedtime, you will be forced to drink water until the next day when you start the process again.


In a half gallon jug mix the following:

The juice from 2 lemons or limes

The juice from 4 oranges

1 tsp. garlic juice

3 tsp. of Grade “B”  dark amber maple syrup

1-10 tsp. cayenne pepper

1-4 pinches of cinnamon powder

Fill the rest of the jug with pure drinking water such as reverse osmosis water.


You now have 64 ounces of a drink that purges the body of waste. This should be consumed gradually all day long until about 7 p.m. when you have completely emptied the bottle.

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