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Diabetes is Different..

Modern Medicine says toxicity is not real and that bodies are ill due to genes, bad luck and other unknown causes. A tacky substance derived from another source that attaches to another object or life form thus degrading it, is called toxicity. This state or condition is denied, ignored, ridiculed and shunned by Modern Medicine. Even though dirt and toxicity are accepted and seen everywhere in the universe, from fingernails to ocean pollution, Modern Medicine rebuffs its existence and effect upon humans. It is shocking that something as obvious as dirt is rejected by Modern Medicine.

Certain things we all agree on, gravity, up – down, hot – cold, light – dark and much more. But what are considered the best minds in the world deny that poisons that kill in volume do not have a state leading up to death called worsening. Toxicity is simply an amount of a poison that is not in plentiful enough supply to kill, but at a high enough level to create discomfort and malfunction. How very odd that something so basic is not recognized.

Who welcomes illness? The fact is no one sane. How is it some reject healing as impossible? It is very confusing. Who are these people? Why are some so happy to be labeled chronically ill will no hope for recovery? Without question these people are the minority, but they make a lot of noise hiding their limited numbers. These people are beyond help as they refuse to improve because they don’t want to heal. Some deny we can recover from illness as they profit or get paid to play the role of victims. Trust me this is a reality as our health is bad news for those who want to sell us a future of expensive drugs and a path to worsening. We heal when we decide to give up the life that led us to where we are today. We heal when we recognize the problem is us. Our problem is our choices, and we can change them and ourselves.