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Food is not food just because we say it is. Yet many people shovel down as much taste as possible regardless of how they feel or what it does to them physically. No one and no ad can make food that is not food nutrition rich nutritious. But they can sell it to you better based on better ads and more addictive salt, sugar, oils and preservatives.

Fat gets a bad rap for all the wrong reasons. Fat in and of itself is harmless. Yet, cooked it becomes a toxic substance that coats they digestive tract strangling it. Not only does cooked fat shut down the GI tract, it coats the Portal Vein (the passage to the liver) as well as the liver. Fat is known as a flavor enhancer. Any chef worth his salt knows this. Liberal use of fat in cooking ensures patron approval.  A chef who understands this makes his dishes addicting. Literally….

When food is whole and Raw it offers the body what it needs at levels than support the body in all stages of growth and repair. The Mono Diet seems as if it would kill most cellular life. False. On the contrary animals generally follow such a diet when in the wild. At a meal they eat only one item. Not only do many wild animals live on one food per meal, many live on only one type of food. If the Mono Diet did not support life, how is that possible? Man has learned to eat a variety of foods based on advertising. The ad man said we had to eat this way and we followed along. Digestion is made easier via a Mono Diet, as the body is not stressed by multiple foods in one meal. It is like juggling, the more parts, the harder it is. A stressed digestive tract equals feeling exhausted  after meals. The Mono Diet if employed aids in healing long standing problems and illness. Easier digestion equals better health every time.