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The book “pH MADNESS” clearly defines cellular life, what opposes and supports it and how to forever heal the body with food alone. But healing is not an acceptable outcome if you are Modern Medicine. Making money does not include such empty projects like patient welfare. Does that seem harsh? Not really when you consider the average patient does not get off his or her drugs and medications, they get deeper in them. Sadly medications are like marijuana used to be considered. One spirals to the next and finally we are getting chemotherapy.

Drugs and poisons push the body further away from being healthy verses getting closer to it, until the body makes a stand and defends itself. Our immune system fights our medications as they are more toxic than what is attacking the system often called the “illness.” When we become ill it is due to the slow ingestion of toxins that build in the system sedating the immune system. When it is more off than on, the body starts to decline. When it is losing ground rapidly we become worried and do something.

Detoxification is the simple method of using herbals to awaken the immune system in a far more gentle way than by using medications which can be 2000 times more aggressive and therefore toxic than herbals. When detoxing the body, aim at the colon, liver and kidney. The first key in detox is getting the colon to work. After that the liver and kidney are vital to activate. Make no mistake, always address the liver, kidney and colon to clean the body free of waste.