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Eat Well For Your Health

Eating what’s good for us is not always as easy as we’d like it to be. Let’s face it, staying healthy is sometimes a chore! Now that the holidays are behind we have the next year to develop the habits of healthy eating. Developing new habits is hard and most of us have many excuses not to change. Getting into a new routine takes time, so give yourself a chance. If you’d like to be more conscious of your health and your body read on. Start slowly and incorporate these steps into your life. Here are four suggestions to get you started:

Digestion of our food starts at our mouth. When you eat, be sure to chew thoroughly. Doing so incorporates plenty of saliva, and the enzymes that start the digestive process, into your food, and reduces the amount of work your stomach and intestines will have to go through.

Reduce the about of liquid during a meal. Drinking too much liquid during a meal will dilute the stomach acids and enzymes our intestinal tract uses during digestion. Some doctors suggest waiting a couple of hours after eating before consuming liquid.

Stay rested during and after eating. Try not to eat and run. Instead, relax and enjoy the company of a friend of close companion. Your body will be able to devote its energies to digestion and assimilation.

Enjoy your food. Be mindful of the food you have chosen, where and how it came about being on your plate. Say a simple prayer of gratitude or meditate when you sit to eat. Allow that energy to carry through the meal for a pleasant experience.

To start with, you might choose one meal each day or week and incorporate these new ideas. Plan this one meal carefully, and prepare it with love. Then, before you eat, take a moment to experience gratitude for your meal. Next, as you take each bite, chew carefully (remember the traditional motherly advice of chewing each bite 30 times!) and focus on enjoying the flavors on your tongue. Spend this time really tasting your food. This time chewing allows more saliva to be incorporated with your food and the enzymes present will start the digestive process. When this bite has been chewed to liquid, swallow and give the rest of your body permission to continue the process of digestion. When you’ve finished the meal, sit for a moment, and be aware of your body.