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When we eat a crappy diet featuring white sugar, ALL types of salt, processed sodium, white sugar, brown sugar or any processed sugar, flour, milk, cheese, butter, caffeine, psych meds and all medications we feel terrible with enough exposure to the junk. The body like any machine and like any machine if given poor fuel it runs terribly. How terrible is terrible? It is so bad that if an MD looks these symptoms, they will call the resulting soreness, stiffness, aches, pains, numbness or growths, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes and much, much more.



A healthy body needs no doctors or excuses for why it is not running up to par. The body develops all of its symptoms and even lousy emotions the more toxic it gets. When we eat a poor diet our body is flooded with toxic chemicals. These chemicals saturate our being feeding emotions that are out of proportion, meaning very extreme and usually negative. Many have a hangover effect after eating junk food to the point of random anger and depression. Seeing the right MD, we end up on psych meds or even institutionalized.



If there is life in the body and a strong will to make the changes necessary to heal the body; the body will heal every time. What it takes to heal the body is to reverse the process that made the body toxic in the first place. We must improve the function of the liver, kidneys and colon. If this is not done any hope of detox is far from reality. Many herbals aid the body in detoxing, but major diet change is vital if we want to maintain our body and have a future without toxicity. Whole Raw Fruit and Veggies are the crème de la crème of simple but detox of the body. Nothing is purer of more healing to the body than Whole Raw Foods.