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Fighting battles that are long over is an impossible battle to wage and win. You have met those fight battles long past as their actions do not match the present circumstances. Sadly when you see some poor fellow talking to himself on the street he is in conflict with the past as real to him as your hand before your face is to you. When a problem has threatened our life, for many it is hard to stop fighting. People make relationship, work and housing choices based on a battle still active in their own minds.

The Great Depression of 1929 caused hardship and a tremendous loss of life in the United States. People were hungry to the point of acting like animals at times. Dogs will bury bones so others won’t find them. Yet man will hide food even if only from himself. The mothers that grew up in the great depression often developed odd habits that were enforced on their kids. Such as “clean your plate” in essence forcing kids to eat beyond what they needed. Fear of eating often called anorexia is the flip side of enforced eating as one is so terrorized about food they fear eating any.

When we fight past battles over are over, we’re victims. “Binging and Purging” is an emotional and may have its roots in the command “clean your plate.” Consider the poor boy or girl who’s told to “clean your plate, there’re kids starving in third world countries.” We can’t eat for all, but we can eat for ourselves. By eating for just us, not the ghosts from the past, we can reverse our skyrocketing obesity. We are doomed to repeat history if we forget it yet, it is more true to say, we’re doomed to fight battles from history unless we ourselves are firmly located in the moment, right now. Think and eat for yourself.