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Every few days or so, I offer a new blog that is topical and or mentally teasing on the subject of health. These blogs are always cutting edge and the sort of thing you do not read just any old place. The subjects I choose are often the total reverse of what we think we know. This is just the kind of blog that is vital as cemented old thoughts trip us up on a regular basis. It is often the most “normal” for most habitscommon run of the mill beliefs or thoughts that give us the most trouble.

Beliefs that are “everyone knows” revolve around everyday habits like salting our food. Many people mindlessly salt their food because their parents and maybe even friends have. Our habits may be cultural, and or traditional, yet being tied to logic based health, they do not cut the mustard. In India 47% of all butter in the world is consumed on a yearly basis as it is part their traditions and societal habits. Does ingesting huge amounts of butter; make the butter consumed, unthreatening to our health? Absolutely not, giving a habit a coat of paint or making it cultural does not change is physical effect.

The hardest habits to break revolve around the time of the day or year or location or some other innocuous reoccurring theme. Using any salt in one’s life is never a good idea as it attacks our cells and pickles them like little Egyptian Mummies. Ingesting any milk or butter, regardless of claim to the heart smart or healthy is a trip down “immune system” shutdown lane. We always need the same things regardless of time of the year. We need 80-120 ounces of water a day and often more. We should never ingest salt or dairy products as they force the body to defend itself from their presence. If this is not clear, read The Ancient Raw Food Diet.