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Heat and fire is the enemy of food. We love the comfort of eating something hot yet what is hot is not something the body wants, the mind does. I war the goal to so confuse and disable the enemy hopefully getting them to surrender or retreat. There is no question how dangerous junk food is to the body. The food chemist job is to make sure is addicted to the product he makes. He wants users to routinely return to his product and for those trying to beat it or escape it, they should fall into recidivism.

Fire is so deadly to the body that only a slight variation of 9 degrees can kill it. Enzymes do not become more vigorous or strong when they are found in veggies and fruit, but don’t tell those who claim food nutrition increases via cooking. Those who believe in nutrition enhancement by cooking have a huge gape in their understanding of the physics of fire. Fire destroys what it is applied to as it expands it rapidly and then quickly reduces its target to an empty dry semblance of its former self.

What is cooked changes as it enzymes scatter into a sea of escaped fluids. These fluids boil off producing a thicker and thicker mix until what is left is a concentrated nutritionally empty gunk. We die by fire and so does our food with no exceptions. If cooking improved or aided food in becoming more nationally rich it would be true universally. But we know better, we know fire is not a multiplier. We know fire does not make doubles and triples of what is burned. Cooking is no different, it breaks down what is burned stealing its energy until there is no more fuel. What is cooked is destroyed.