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Herbs Can Cleanse and Pure Body Institute

Herbs Can Cleanse has been in business since 2003. We sell all over the Internet and by extension the planet. Almost every country on earth has ordered from us in our time in business. When we started we had to choose the kind of company we would ultimately become. We service the public in a timely and efficient manner and often the same day. The public loves us as we are always working to go the extra mile to ensure they get a little more than what they paid for. We really enjoy helping people and because of that, word of mouth has been a great ally too us.

We offer a wide variety of herbs but we offer the works of Roger Bezanis and then Pure Body Institute Formulas, which Roger Bezanis almost single handedly formulated. The labels of Pure Body Institute have become their trademark as well as their color coded bottle lids. Color coded bottle lids may seem trivial, yet I assure you it is not. When the labels of a company all look alike and the lids do too, there is often confusion. The same vivid colors that are represented on Pure Body Institute brochures are exhibited on their excellent bottles.


What color do you think of when you think of the kidneys? Most think of water and not surprisingly the bottle lid color of Pure Body Institute’s Kidney Rescue is blue. The color of Parasites may not be green yet green is a color associated with parasites and is the Color Pure Body Institute chose for the lid of their Para Cleanse. A lot has been written about Pure Body Institute formulas but just as much has been written about the logic and business savvy of the company producing its marvelous brochures which has bled over to their bottle design. When you look at Pure Body Institute formula bottles, you can’t help but see the difference.


Pure Body Institute formula bottles

Pure Body Institute formula bottles: Whole Body Program, Colon Program, Liver Balance Plus 240, Liver Balance Plus 120, pH Balancer 8.0, Kidney Rescue 180, Kidney Rescue 90, Heart & Lung Plus, Indigest Free, Para Cleanse, Seasonal Rescue, Colon Booster, Life Support.