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Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You_Roger Bezanis

I attended a seminar

I attended one of Diagnostic Face Reading founder, researcher and author Roger Bezanis lectures, wow! I read his 3 books and had to attend this lecture at full price and it was worth every penny and then some. Roger Bezanis was determined to determine if Face Reading was a viable technique revealing the health of the body. It is found all over the Pacific Rim and is as old as man. He conveyed an amazing story.

Marilyn a Chiropractic Assistant was sitting across from her husband Alejandro having coffee. She then did something I don’t recommend. Marilyn was very studied in Diagnostic Face Reading having read all 5 books on the subject. She looked at Alejandro and said “Oh you have a growth on your right lung in the lower hemisphere.” Alejandro who does medical transcription and thinks Chiropractic adjustments and alternative methods are all foo-foo, indignantly exclaimed, “I do not!” Not done yet she continued, “You also have a tiny spot on the right side of your heart.” Again Alejandro bellowed “I do not!” Marilyn countered with “That is what Roger says in his books.” Alejandro left for work in a huff.

Over the next 21 days Alejandro pulled every favor he could muster and got an MRI and CT Scan and sure enough upon review, Marilyn was right. Alejandro was floored.

After doing Electro-Dermal Screening which revealed weakness in the same areas, Alejandro was convinced, “there was something in Alternative Medicine and Diagnostic Face Reading that was worth knowing.” He is now no longer opposed to the use and practice of Diagnostic Face Reading and Symptom Mapping as it very clearly works.

Face Reading is general, Diagnostic Face Reading is an exact technique which uses checks and balances so that a practitioner or individual can absolutely know what organ(s) is at issue. He is a fantastic researcher, author and teacher.


T.L., Valencia