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I Hate Lies Spewed By Modern Medicine

The scum at Big Modern Medicine will stop at nothing to control people’s minds and pocket books (aka MONEY). Just today I saw an avatar on a Social Media site that I investigated. It turned out to be a healthy employee at a pharmaceutical firm flooding the net with sympathetic lies. Why do these scum, sucking, pukes, do this? This is a convincing subtle technique to garner public opinion.

The Wild West of fakers all sound and look the same. They innocently feign love of alternative medicine but they are in their 9th surgery and proud of it. Of course there has been no surgery other than the word-smithing the writer did to create the illusion. Soon they are joined by an army of sympathizers who support and repeat the message created by the faker. These lies get circulated and soon the lie has circled the globe and ends up being reported as fact.

As long as Big Pharma has a strangle hold on media and people’s minds and lives, these sorts of attacks will continue to be common place. Modern Medicine and Big Pharma combined for a total income of $2.3 trillion dollars in 2008 as per the Kaiser Foundation. If they continue expanding at the rate they are, they will top 75 trillion dollars in income by 2040. With a yearly nut of over 2.3 trillion dollars a year to meet, creating fake internet avatars is almost expected. Swaying public opinion is best done via the truth which is why I support the voice of Whole Food Raw Foodism and Natural Healing on social media Roger Bezanis. He is the sane retort to the lies spewed from Big Medicine and Big Insurance. Learn what it is to be healthy and how to get there, read all three of his books and pay attention to what he teaches.