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Imitation is Death, Not Flattery

Man loves to imitate things. Why have orange juice when we can have powdered imitation orange juice. As you know Nature is boring old and too normal to be consumed with any regularity. In the 1970’s grass was playing second fiddle to Astro-Turf and other imitation “green ground cover.” Imitation crab meat is; yet another fascinating man-made filler. When we look at the ingredients on imitation crab meat it is closer to being bread and plastic than food or shockingly, “crab meat.”

Man likes to condense things and make them more efficient, powerful, smaller or all the above. This is why we have Sport Utility Vehicles, Fax-Printer-Scanner combos. Who doesn’t need a spork (a fork and spoon combination) or a drug that can help the kidneys plus make your nails and eyesight better. The problem with genetically spicing Nature is to the body, it is toxic as the body doesn’t welcome them, it recoils and fights them. Man’s efforts to rebuild anything but electronics have resulted in making people ill. The entire subject of GMO’s is based on modifying crops to strengthen them and make the last longer. That is all well and good yet the body receives these odd ball substances and they modify the body as well. Many call this modification cancer

When a substance like a tomato is genetically modified to last longer it has been made into a preservative. Preservatives don’t attack the body they are absorbed by the body mummifying the cells holding them. Mummified cells in mass are called cancer. All cancers are derived via the ingestion of toxins. All toxins are preservatives. When we ingest solutions that are created vs. being grown unaltered by Nature, we are ingesting some degree of a cancer building preservative. All preservatives warp and grow tumors in the body. Is that clear as to why man-made substances are so deadly and must be avoided?