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Liver Balance Plus and Kidney Rescue Saved My Life

I have taken the Liver Balance Plus and Kidney Rescue several times over the past several years and I am amazed by the results and how good I felt after completing the cleanse.

Some of the benefits I noticed were an increase in my energy levels, 20 lbs of water retention weight loss, hot flashes subsided, better night sleep, thinning hair became thick and more manageable, and a balancing of my emotions. Not only did I feel better physically and emotionally, I felt more balanced overall.

My liver and gall bladder were severely compromised by abscess teeth and three root canals. I feel that the Liver Balance Plus and Kidney Rescue saved my life.

I highly recommend taking the Pure Body Institute cleanse. It is easy, effective, and a high quality product.

Rose Lee Calabro, Author
Living in the Raw, Living in the Raw Gourmet,
and Living in the Raw Desserts