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What makes people brag about getting ill? It is clearly not survival to be ill, yet like getting a promotion we brag about our woes like a new car celebrating them. We all know that when we are ill our bodies age faster, we get brittle, when become immobile, infirmed and unproductive. What sort of weird dementia has overtaken mankind that we would welcome and accept illness as a long awaited ally? Has mankind become a masochist or a sadist out to abuse his fellow man? The truth is far more bizarre than that. What has befallen mankind is straight out of science fiction as it was borne in science fiction.

For more than 20 years Big Pharma advertisers have been allowed to make whatever claims they like. These chemical wizards gleefully broadcast deadly drug / medication side effects meaning what they warn of, death. Humans evaluate the planet based on their own experience and assume we all are the same. For the most part we are the same but our conclusions, point of view and our experiences of our experiences vary. We also have an idea that if the guys in charge advertise it, it must be normal, acceptable, common and safe. The fact is the last paragraph depicts the totality of where man errors in his life determining computations.

Today kids grow up watching TV which is a hypnotic brainwasher or conditioner feeding messages into our awareness below the level of critical thought. Ask yourself, who in their right mind would ever use a medication with a side effect of death? The answer is no one in their right mind, but when we act on these messages, we are not in our right mind. When one grows up hearing “may cause death,” “may cause death” becomes not only acceptable, it becomes normal. Today in the West we have become dazed hollow eyed unthinking robots that follow directions to self-poison.