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It is well known that life is animated by a current or flow of energy much like a lawnmower or blender. It is not uncommon for some people to adversely affect electronics such as wrist watches or even cell phone. So strong is this connection that even by being in the vicinity of such a device can change the function of that device. Interestingly the more angry or upset one gets, the worse the electronics around that person will run. Imagine an angry man. Is he a conduit to that allows energy or communication to flow through or a resistor that deflects energy or corrupts it?

When one is emotionally challenged their energy is snarled and solid. On a physical level they are solid like a ridged steel girder. If you have had contact with such a person, you know that this is true. Basically humans are mobile power cells that are directed by intention or determination into actions based on this will power. With these factors at play anything is possible.

What confounds the energy of the body, are a few things, jewelry, watches and metal of any type. The body receives and gives energy. Just as you would not put a magnet up your computer, you should not wear metals as they do cause disturbance such as headaches, heart rhythm changes and much more. Taking off a long worn neck chain resolved one man’s heart murmur. Giving up the wearing of rings solved a woman’s period craps. Another man found that his earrings not only raised his blood pressure they caused his heart to double beat and skip a beat when he was stressed. The thing to do is test yourself with and without wearing the metals. Then you will know for yourself.