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Milk, Man’s Folly

When a monopoly takes over we can bet that all information relating to it is massaged in such a way as to obscure the vision of all who would gaze upon it. When one is so powerful as to create the reality surrounding it, the sky is the limit as to what is said. Milk is part of a massive conglomerate that has “octopus-ed” the landscape of America. The death grip milk has on humanity in the Western World is unrivaled as it is woven into the fabric of every child born. If the mother doesn’t do the job the school system will.

No homosapien can tolerate dairy products including milk after infancy. You are reading that correctly. We are all lactose intolerant even though we may not display noticeable symptoms. In all of our intelligence we are the only mammals that consume milk after infancy. Does that make us smarter or bull headed? Actually it makes us the victims of pointed and accurate advertising. When money is the game the restrictions are lifted especially when the government is given a slice of the pie.

Since 1981 milk ingestion in the US has increased by 79 pounds per person- as per Dairy Management Inc. How nice, we ingest more un-digestible dairy products and milk, fouling our colon constipating us, backing up into our liver, finally blocking our immune system. Well that is good news, I thought something was wrong. We are fed milk because the milk board is in bed with the government. How deep does it go? Who is in bed with whom? Read this.. The milk folks are partnering with McDonald’s to launch McCafe specialty coffees that use up to 80 percent milk. That is not all, McDonalds has 3 new burgers with two slices of cheese per sandwich.  The result?  An additional 6 million pounds of cheese sold.

Let’s all eat ourselves sick shall we?