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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Romeo, from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. We know when we hear the word dishwasher, it is either a machine or an under-paid, under-appreciated individual in need of new job. When we hear the word Xerox we think copiers. Identifying what something is, tells us how it should be used, and if it is well known, the named spells out exact details of the job it is used for. This would apply to fingernail clippers, hair brush, etc,. Naming an item “the zorch” likely will inspire a few raised eyebrows, but no clear understanding about how a zorch is used.

When it comes to food and supplement labeling simple labels, while they seem clear are often ambiguous, and misleading, INTENTIONALLY. Labels such as Raw are not actually raw because raw means just picked or slaughtered. The term Raw gets attached to cereal, food bars, flour and whatever the buzz word lends itself to. Natural means the item was derived from a whole source. Shoe polish could be called natural as its black may have essence of lavender flower in the mix… Factually we are being misled for dollars. If we buy it, and the government gets their cut, who cares about the consumer?

It is up to us to police ourselves as Big Brother is not going to do it. It is pitiful what passes for legal to consume as the standards have little to do with what should be legal. Nothing labeled RAW ever is RAW. Apples need no label as Nature grew them. If your item comes in a box, is frozen, cooked or has a list of ingredients beyond just one or two, your item is junk.