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New Year’s Resolutions – It’s Not Too Late

Every 365 days something occurs. You get older and a new year arrives. Most experts agree on has something to do with the other. We can blame circumstance for our condition and health or we can do something about it. Most choose something that has little or nothing to do with a change that improves conditions. Why is that? What are we doing that is not optimum? Are we accidentally failing or are we doomed to not be able to change because of something out of our control like Karma, bad luck or God’s will. As this is not a theological discussion we will not mention God

We can blame disease saying it catches us. Yet, illness follows bad habits of a single insult, or days, weeks, months or years of the same. Why do we not recognize and eliminate these insults? Simply, we as humans are conditioned to repeat habits we enjoy. So much so we would never consider making a change to such an innocuous habit such as drinking milk, eating cereal, having wine, eating bread and more. We should abandon what we do all the time? Factually that is exactly what we should abandon, the things that put us in the soup in the first place.

I have said it thousands of times, but until we do a full three month detox and completely cleanup and permanently change our diet and habits, we will repeat our troubles every few months to a year. The choice to change must be made if one really wants to better his or her condition / health. If there was a magic bullet it would have been discovered long ago. We suffer with our issues until we become free of the toxins that start the ball rolling to new lusts for toxicity.