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Odor And Health

Man generally craves scents. We gravitate toward pleasant smelling items and shunning that which does not please our olfactory. Of all of our senses, the sense of smell is one of the most important. Smell and scent are very much tied together as that which we can’t smell, we likely will not taste. A stuffy nose reduces the experience of the flavor of even the most intense pallet crossing foods. Yet certain processes cause the flavor of food to change reducing food from enzymatic and healing to mild, medium and strong medicinal chemicals. The process is cooking.

As food is cooked, its enzyme denature, which is the chemical explanation or way of saying inactive which is also known as dead. When food is cooked something else happens, its taste changes intensifying. As enzymes rupture due to heating, the fractured residue spreads through the substance intensifying its taste. The cooked substance becomes a preservative to the body thus sticking to its cells. The new fractured waste chemicals strain the body’s ability to excrete them.

Due to cooking foods and fracturing their enzymes the new hostile chemicals not absorbed and held by our cells as toxic waste are slowly pushed out. The intestines and colon handle the larger waste particles. As the waste slowly moves through the body’s plumbing it gives off toxic methane gasses which are foul in odor. A toxic body also pushes its waste out via the skin, lungs and urine. When the body is toxic one must change the diet and start a full cellular detox. A good detox requires at least 90 days to fully complete. Detox requires, liver, kidney and digestive aid as all three are polluted. Detoxification must be supported by drinking enough water. The amount of water we need is 80 to 120 ounces a day. Get started.