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pH Balancer 8.0

pH Balancer 8.0

For a life form to persist its systems must be balanced at their correct pH level.

pH Balancer 8.0 should be used by anyone who:

  • Eats cooked food
  • Eats fast food
  • Does not chew their food well
  • Craves or eats candy
  • Has a saliva pH below 6.5
  • Suffers from low energy
  • Feels tired or run down
  • Drinks alcohol
  • Drinks coffee
  • Craves or uses salt
  • Uses ibuprofen or other OTC drugs
  • Eats very little fresh fruit
  • Uses tobacco
  • Has a urine pH below 6.8
  • Has a nagging body issue of some sort
  • Is concerned about their pH

Anyone answering yes to 2 or more of the above questions should use pH Balancer 8.0.