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Plant based diet – Fiber

Plant based diet – Fiber

In our last blog we discussed protein content of certain ancient grains. This time, let’s look at fiber! Fiber plays an important role in your diet, and may help bowl-popcornreduce cholesterol and prevent type 2 diabetes. Fiber also helps us maintain digestive regularity and aids in cleansing your gut. Of course, some of our grains double up in this arena, being high in both protein and fiber. Quinoa is one of these!

Others include

Oats: Described by some as the healthiest grain, oats (look for steel cut oats because they are minimally processed) more than 8 grams of fiber per half cup of uncooked oats. Even steel cut oats are easy to cook of you know a few tricks, such as soaking them overnight.

Popcorn: When you reach for a snack, try popcorn! Containing 14.5 grams of protein per 100 gram serving, this is very satisfying. Beware of adding a lot of butter and salt. Instead, try nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and a small amount of health fat to boost flavor if you desire.

Chia seeds: These tiny black seeds that are immensely popular in the natural health community. They are highly nutritious, with lots of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. And each ounce contains 10 grams of protein!

High fiber legumes include split peas (1 cup contains over 16 grams of fiber), lentils (15 grams of fiber per cup), and black beans (15 grams of fiber per cup) are all easy to store and cook, and are very versatile.

Other delicious, high fiber foods include sweet potatoes (approximately 4 grams of fiber per serving), avocados (10 grams of fiber plus a lot of heart healthy fats), pears (6 grams of fiber per serving), blueberries (4 grams of fiber).

It’s easy to see how you can increase fiber in many ways while also providing a variety of flavors and qualities! Even dessert can be high fiber.

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