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Poisoned Thinking

Poisoned Thinking

31672205_sWe have all ran into or been the stick in the mud or the negative wet blanket that just makes everything in life seem to stop. The emotions we wear and the attitudes we exhibit or wear do not derive out of thin air. Depending on who we have listened to we might think our woes are God’s will. This is not a theological discussion as our moods, attitudes and even toxic or positive based on years of dedicated work have presented themselves as the result of other more Earthbound sources. We are led to believe we are molded by disease. Even that is backward.

Are we victims of fate, luck, our parents? No we are the result of what we eat. How could such a thing be true? The better question is how could such a thing, not be true? Your car responds to the fuel you put in its gas tank. Your clothes are as nicely pressed as we make them with an iron or dry cleaning and pressing. Our hair is as nice as we style it. So how did we begin to think that other aspects of our lives were the result of unseen forces? Because: we were told this so that the tellers of this fable could sell us their wares, to defeat these mysterious forces.

A poor diet and bad habits feed and or fuel the negative, dark and worrisome thoughts we have on a daily basis. You read that right; we are the victim of junk food, cooked food, alcohol, coffee and more. We know alcohol depresses our senses. Yet after we seem to be sober, our moods and thoughts are still altered by the remains of what we consumed. You could say that who you are today is colored or painted by the diet and habits we have had earlier in life. Whole Raw Foods heal and clean out the junk that poison and darkly color us. Use them and heal more than your body, heal your mind.

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