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Cancer research does not care about facts or what is healthy or harmful for mankind. It cares about one thing, getting a paycheck. When one sells out for money, a vast degree of insanity has moved in on the being leaving him in a terrible state. This anti-life state presents itself as a kind of blindness reminiscent of Nazi Germany and its death camp guards who were able to live with their atrocities. Cancer researchers would not dream of ever testing their products on themselves because they know they are toxic. Honestly who in their right mind would ingest toxins knowingly?



Honestly who would ingest toxins in their right minds? Cigarette smokers, all those who eat junk food and know it is harmful, those who eat to obesity and more. We have become lost as a society generating our own hell then feigning naivety, claiming we did not know what we were doing. As we get progressively worse our ally in our demise are the junk food companies who feed our stupidity. But Big Junk Food is not our only vice or tool we undermine ourselves with; we can thank our pals Big Pharma.



If we decided to, we could put Big Pharma out of business. How? We would in unison turn our back on them and they would cease to exist. Big Pharma is the result of wanton lust for chemical magic bullets which we desperately want to believe in. Modern Medicine Big Pharma’s distribution arm, yet it does not recognize healing as a viable outcome to any treatment. It calls healer’s quacks and any aiding those in recapturing their health dangerous. Healing makes all quacks as we self-heal daily without ever noticing. How far afield have we drifted when we trust healing to healers who don’t heal, allowing them to denounce healing as fraud, then buy ongoing treatments from them while they milk us for profit?