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The Ancient Raw Food Diet_Roger Bezanis

Rome and The Rice

When in Rome do like the Romans do. We have all heard that. But when we consider cooked foods, we do not do like the Romans do; we buy the insanity sold by the insane junk sellers who sell it.  Unless you read and understand the new book The Ancient Raw Food Diet, you will continue to be misled as to what is nutrition. Food has no half state of life. It is alive and fully nutritious or it is not. If we listen to advertising for fast food and cooked junk will think there are no limits to what offers us nutrition. The fact is nutrition is a delicate animal that does not put up with or tolerate alterations.

Rice is an example of worthless crud offered by happy marketers as if it is 10 karat gold flakes. Rice like any grain is worthless after it is harvested, then boiled, dried and boxed. Once a food is cooked via boiling or any heating process the food value is lost as the enzymes are destroyed. The fact that rice has value as a source of fiber is pointless as it has no food value. Most would not eat cardboard, but after cooking that is what we have with rice or any processed grain.

If we are not going to become sicker and fall into the disease model designed to support Modern Medicine, we must eat whole unprocessed foods. Just because a substance graciously called food, does not make the statement true. We stuff ourselves with, bread, pasta, caffeine, grains, alcohol and junk foods we will be ill as the outcome is inevitable. Eating junk food and cooked food is not distinguished by our body; it fully rejects it without question. Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Crohns,  Osteoarthritis, Wagner’s, Diabetes, Graves, Cancer and more are the result of self-poisoning, primarily from the diet.