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The story of salt is the story of mankind. Like a well salted meal the stuff is everywhere. It made meat last through the winter, was a form of payment, for a time more valuable than gold, our most common and popular seasoning and much more. Salt mines are found worldwide plus the word has even worked its way in to the bible and is found in slang and idioms such as “not worth his salt.” Salt and mankind are so interlinked life without it is almost entirely unthinkable.


Yearly worldwide internal salt use is 33 million tons while industry runs on the stuff devouring 167 million tons for the manufacture of molded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, paper production, detergents, industrial solvents and much more. Salt seems like a nice safe everyday element. Oddly nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing can be all things to all people and usable for every occasion. Anytime we think we have found the one thing for every use, we discover we have erred greatly. Salt is no exception to the rule. One product or element does not have unlimited use ever.


Salt has another side, a dark side that most like to ignore. Salt has is highly flavorful and toxic to human life. How toxic is salt, so much so, we are born with two addictions, sugar and salt. We are born lusting for salt yet it causes stroke, heart attacks, high blood pressure, gray hair and hardening of the arteries. Interestingly murderous Zyklon B gas was based on cyanide, a salt; it killed millions in World War 2. Why is man addicted to such a powerful and deadly chemical? Because those that sell it know we are addicted to it, they keep selling it legally. We are always addicted to the most toxic substances as the body struggles to extract them without success.