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Social Media is like the Wild West, anything goes and I mean anything. It took awhile but even Big Pharma and Modern Medicine has broken into it. The trouble with Social Media is anything can be said, of course as a forum for thought there is nothing wrong with that. But when shills arrive all bets are off. A shill is an employee of a business that is there to act like one of the locals but to actually secretly push people to his employer. We see these folks at carnival’s and con-games. They act innocent and win in the game of chance making the game look easy. Soon a sucker or mark (unknowing victim) steps up and loses a fortune trying to win an unwinnable game as it is fixed against him.

What does an unwinnable game of what appears to be chance and Social Media have to do with one another? Everything as the shill endlessly attacks the character, work or reputation of someone doing worthwhile work for the public. Sounds kind of odd doesn’t it? It is not, as Big Business such and Modern Medicine thrive on public confusion about disease and the body.

When someone on Social Media is critical of one clearly doing work to help his fellow man, beware there’s something dangerous afoot. The individual doing the attacking is usually 1 of 2 types; 1- An innocent woman, with debilitating issues that tried all “alternative” methods but failed.  2- A friend or mother of an innocent victim of disease. These two false or created archetypes and are red flags. They are placed in social media to cause upset and doubt. They have certain traits that are unmistakable. They will vehemently attack those suggesting we can be cause over our condition and improve it. They practically froth at the mouth at the suggestion diet is the cause of our issues. Be smart and pay attention. The truth never changes but it makes the enemy go stark raving mad.