Face Reading Chart

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    Diagnostic Face Reading Chart – Double sided
    (Ancient Technique of Face Reading)Interpreting what you see
    Fact: The face should be smooth without wrinkles, scaring, moles, flaking, redness or dry areas regardless of age.
    Fact: Each part of the face represents an organ.
    Fact: Face reading reveals potential problems or existing problems of our organs.
    Step 1: Have the person observed, relax their face (no smiling or frowning).
    Step 2: Now look for areas of the face that do not match or are out of sync with the rest of the face.
    Step 3: Compare the tags below to the part of the face in question. You now know what organ(s) is prone to weakness or is in a weakened state.Note: Ear lobes represent the heart; a vertical crease on either lobe calls it into question.Dimensions
    24″w x 36″h
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