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    Intestinal Drawing Formula
    From HealthForce Nutritionals
    50 VeganCaps™ | 25 servings
    120 VeganCaps™ | 60 servings

    Sandblasting is a great industrial solution for cleaning delicate parts or taking off paint. But what do we do for our colon? This has been a question that plagued man until he noticed certain animals ate seeds and barks to stimulate the bowel to release old waste. Imagine the effect of a potato stuffed in your car’s tailpipe. Factually it would not start as the exhaust system must breathe. Yet we seldom think of this function being vital to our health in our colon. A congested colon can develop polyps, leaky gut and many other issues that bring down our health. Awareness of self means we are proactive and head off problems before they start.


    NATURAL SUPPORT FOR REGULARITY: Highly effective, yet gentle, non-habit-forming herbal complex formulated to support healthy bowel movement with minimal or no discomfort.

    POWERFUL HERBS: Combines whole-leaf herbal components like aloe ferox and nopal cactus as well as herbal allies peppermint, ginger, thyme, and oregano.

    VITAL HEALTH BENEFITS: A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that can adversely affect the health of the entire body. A healthy colon function is essential for living a healthy and happy life!

    HARD-CORE STANDARDS: Certified vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. Our TruGanic™ Sourcing standard includes lab testing for GMOs and pesticides. No fillers, binders, flow agents. Packaged in recyclable amber glass.

    HIGHEST MANUFACTURING STANDARDS: Family owned and operated. Made in the U.S. Certified organic, certified kosher, vegan facility. FDA registered cGMP compliant.

     Suggested Usage:

    2 level tablespoons, 1-3 (or more) times per day. Mix with 8-16 ounces of purified water (preferably) or fresh juice. Follow by consuming another 8-16 ounces of liquid (water or juice). You may add the two liquid servings into one glass (serving) rather than 2 glasses (servings). Lots of fluids are important due to the drawing nature of this formula. This product stands alone. However, it is also part of the HealthForce healing program. If more powerful bowel moving action is required, use with HealthForce Intestinal Movement Formula (not required).

    Can also be taken after a meal.

    Intensive Usage: 4-8 level tablespoons per serving.


    Do not take this formula at the same time as other supplements/foods as they will be drawn into the formula (lessening the effects of this formula and anything else you may be taking/eating). Can be taken after a meal for indigestion relief. Otherwise, wait approximately 45 minutes before or 1 hour after meals and other nutritional products.

    Suggested Adjuncts:

    HealthForce Intestinal Movement Formula; HealthForce Internal Parasite Formula, a whole foods, plant-based, high fiber (animal products have no fiber – only whole plant food), organic, vegan diet with emphasis on fresh raw foods; large amounts of fresh vegetable juices and structured water: HealthForce Vitamineral Green (a unique whole food superfood nutrient and detoxification complex); HealthForce Liver Rescue III+ and HealthForce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes.

    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 2 level tablespoons


    California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains lead and other chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Proprietary Herbal Blend
    Rhubarb Root ∞
    Peppermint Leaf װ
    Cape Aloe Leaf Latex ∞
    Nopal Cactus ∞
    Ginger Root װ
    Chanca Piedra Whole Herb Extract ∞
    Protease ∞
    Alpha-Galactosidase ∞
    Amylase ∞
    Cellulase ∞
    Lipase ∞
    Bromlain ∞
    Papain ∞
    Thyme Leaf װ
    Oregano Leaf װ

    Other Ingredient:
    VeganCaps™ ∞ (fermented tapioca)
    – no flow agents

    ◊ Organic
    ∞ TruGanic™



    These statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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