Iris and Facial Signs with Holistic Detoxification Techniques

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    Iris and Facial Signs with Holistic Detoxification Techniques
    By Roger Bezanis and David J. Pesek, Ph.D.

    Face Reading Master, detoxification expert and visionary author Roger Bezanis and the preeminent Holistic Iridologist on Earth today, Dr. David J. Pesek met in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 17th 2009. Triumphantly for the second year in a row the “Dynamic Duo of Holistic Healthcare,” delivered an unparallel tour de force world conference to an awe struck crowd of healers.

    Sharing the stage, they gave a remarkable 2 hour presentation that launched hundreds of new healing ships on an adventure to fresh horizons never dreamed of before. The attendees agreed that this seminar was amazing, enlightening and of paramount importance with instant application. More than 250 lucky practitioners were able to witness these two dynamos in action first hand.

    Six different ovations punctuated this highly anticipated event. The work offered here was so cutting edge and of such profound caliber, it will be talked about for years to come.

    Get your own DVD of this monumental event and watch it again and again.
    • The two finest minds in their fields together
    • An amazing DVD with immediate application
    • Visually and mentally impactful
    • Ready to educate patients, staff & practitioners
    • Easy to follow and a delight to behold
    • Up to date and cutting edge with future applications
    • Suitable for “education nights” and holistic studies
    • Two hours with chapter search for easy scanning
    • Down to Earth explanation backed with rock solid logic

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