Para Cleanse & Colon Booster Set


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    Para Cleanse & Colon Booster Set
    From Pure Body Institute

    Para Cleanse
    Tablet Count: 120

    Colon Booster
    Tablet Count: 90


    Why Para Cleanse?

    The “Black Plague” ravaged Medieval Europe and killed 25 million people in just 5 years (1347 to 1352). The “Plague” was caused by a single cell parasite called Yersinia Pestis. You’ve heard the children’s rhyme, “Ring around the rosy (sign of the plague on the skin) pocket full of Posies (to hide the sent of death), ashes, ashes, (the corpses had to be burned) we all fall down (everyone died)”.

    There were 2 forms of “Plague”, Bubonic Plague (death rate, 30-75%) & Pneumonic Plague (death rate 90-95%). Spread to humans by the Oriental Rat Flea, it took 1-7 days for plague signs to become visible. Death came 24 hours later.

    Today hundreds of parasites, Giardia, Protozoa, Flukes, Amoeba and more infect humans. 40% of all cats carry Toxoplasmosis (an aggressive parasite). It can cause everything from brain tumors to birth defects. Toxoplasmosis infects 35% of the U.S. population.

    Parasite Glossary
    Humans can host over 100 different types of parasites. Here are some of the most common parasites found in man.

    Hookworm: Hookworms attach themselves to the intestinal wall using buccal capsule teeth. At maturity a Hookworm may lay more than 30,000 eggs a day.
    Tapeworm: Tapeworms are a type of flatworm that can colonize animal and human digestive tracts.
    Heartworm: The adult worms are large, measuring up to 10 inches long, and they typically live in the right heart and pulmonary artery.
    Roundworm: Its mouth consists of three, independent lips, each equipped with small piecing projections.
    Protozoa: Perhaps the most common parasite.
    Amoeba: Several species are commonly found in man.
    Giardia: Swimmers are very susceptible to Giardia.
    Toxoplasmosis: Effects 35% of the U.S. public.

    Many believe that, at some time during our lives, we will bring aboard these unwanted passengers. Therefore, it is important to periodically rid the body of these parasites.

    “Fish and game and other meats can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses or parasites that can cause illness…”
    New York Department of Health
    Health Advisories
    Chemicals in Sportfish and Game

    Para Cleanse & Colon Booster

    Parasites are microscopic organisms that invade the body by contact on the skin or by oral ingestion. A parasite derives its food, nutrition and shelter by living in or on another organism. They rob us of our nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

    A parasite is one that is born, lives and dies in its host.

    Humans can host over 100 different types of parasites. Many people become squeamish and find the subject of parasites taboo to discuss. Parasites may be, vile and disgusting, but ignoring them does not make them go away.

    Getting rid of parasites is not easy. Consider this fact, a hookworm may lay up to 30,000 eggs a day. That is an astronomical amount. Making a token effort to eradicate parasites is akin to doing nothing at all.

    With easy air travel, the entire globe is within our reach. But, visiting abroad is not the only way to get parasites. They are common even in out own homes.

    Do you own a pet? If you do, you’re at risk.

    How can you tell if you have Parasites?

    Once infected, a person may feel bloated, tired or hungry, have allergies, gas, unclear thinking and generally feel toxic.

    Assess you own RISK factor for parasites below.

    Do you / have you been:

    1. Crave Sweets, Bread or Sugar?
    2. Bloated After Meals?
    3. Feel tired or Tired After Eating?
    4. Grumping or Irritable When You Get Hungry?
    5. Feel Drugged or Foggy Headed at Times?
    6. Frequent Colds or Sore Throat>?
    7. Restless Legs While Sleeping?
    8. Experience Cramping or Poor Digestion?
    9. Sinus Problems?
    10. Had Parasites Before?
    11. Licked in The Face by a Cat or Dog?
    12. Irritable After Eating?
    13. Always Hungry?
    14. Irritable in the Morning?
    15. Eaten at a Salad of Sushi Bar Before?
    Risk Factor Evaluator

    1-2 Low risk
    (unless answers 10-11 or 15 were answered yes)
    3-4 High probability
    5 + Extreme Risk

    Para Cleanse is formulated to work best with Colon Booster.

    Para Cleanse is a remarkable blending of Eastern and Western herbs. Many think it is the most effective product of it’s type. If you compare other products in its category to it, you will find a vast difference.

    Always use a colon formula (ideally Colon Booster) with Para Cleanse as the garbage must be taken out or it backs up.

    Odd as it may sound some find Colon Booster (used separately) mild, yet others find it aggressive. Generally if you find either extreme the case use less or more of the product accordingly.

    Colon Booster

    Colon Booster is a unique blend of herbs not found in other products. The Para Cleanse was created for use with Colon Booster. Together, they are very strong. For many when they are separated they are much weaker.

    Colon Booster can also be used with Indigest Free.
    Suggested Usage:

    Take 2-3 Para Cleanse and 1-2 Colon Booster at breakfast and bedtime 6 days a week. Use the two formulas 3 weeks a month for 3 months.

    For more severe parasites, the two formulas may be taken up to 3 times a day or as advised by your doctor.

    Note: For sufferer’s of severe constipation, try Colon Booster with Indigest Free. Together they are unbeatable. Helpful for the most constipated individual.

    Use three Colon Booster tablets with five Indigest Free tablets. Use as needed.

    Ingredients in Para Cleanse:
    Cinchona Bark, Shield Fern, Black Walnut Hulls, Quassia Bark, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Horse Chestnut, Petroselinum Crispum 4:1, Grapefruit Powder, Wormwood (Artemesia), Garlic (Bulb), Cayenne (Fruit), Cloves (Powder), Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.
    Contains No Yeast, Soy, Sugars, Starch, Colorings, Dyes or Flavorings.
    Ingredients in Colon Booster:
    Senna Leaf, Aloe Vera, Rhubarb Root, Black Sesame Seed, Plum Seed Powder, African Bird Peppers, Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.
    Contains No Yeast, Soy, Sugars, Starch, Colorings, Dyes or Flavorings.
    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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