Staying Healthy With New Medicine


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    Staying Healthy With New Medicine: Integrating Natural, Eastern and Western Approaches for Optimal Health


    by Elson M. Haas


    ISBN: 978-0692687802

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    Integrating Natural, Eastern and Western Approaches for Optimal Health
    “We hear so much about integrative medicine nowadays, but what does this really mean? Right after medical school and internship, I began integrating important ancient and modern systems of health care into my practice. I now refer to this as NEW Medicine: N for Natural, E for Eastern, and W for Western. Each system has its value, its strengths and weaknesses. Together they make up a truly integrative approach to health and healing and to treating many conditions.“


    Many years in the making, Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine provides for health with a deep understanding of what creates disease in the body-mind. The integration of Natural, Eastern, and Western medicines offers a clearer insight into many crucial factors that affect health and healing rather than just one particular system. My approach is to move people into the positive aspects of the ‘Disease-Health Continuum’ with better energy, vitality and creativity, helping to create positive actions for our planet and for human beings in general. The chapter called “Understanding Causes” is especially important for those interested in improving their wellbeing and experiencing ‘Healthy Aging’. And The 5 Keys to Staying Healthy are developed more deeply in Chapter 3.

    “This book is essential education for all medical students and physicians, as well as anyone who has ever been (or will become) ill. I first read ‘Staying Healthy with the Seasons’ during medical school and it has had a profound effect on my career. In ‘NEW Medicine‘ the root causes of health creation and disease causation clearly arise from the practical wisdom and vast experience of this pioneer in health and healing. Doctor is derived from the Latin docere = teach. Dr. Elson Haas is a great teacher and a true healer.”
    Patrick Hanaway, MD

    Chief Medical Officer, Institute for Functional Medicine
    Medical Director, Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic

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