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    Liver Detox
    by Health Plus Inc.

    60 Caps

    A healthy liver is an essential part of maintaining optimum health. Liver Detox (Super Liver Cleanse) is designed to help support the body and may help rid the liver from irritants.*

    Benefits Include:
    • Helps maintain an already healthy functioning liver*
    • May help protect the liver from irritants*


    Liver Cleanse is formulated with the powerful herbal combination of artichoke leaf, turmeric and milk thistle to assist in maintaining a healthy gut and help support the liver’s ability to store and regulate glucose.  Additionally, astaxanthin and beet leaf are added to provide antioxidant support to help protect the liver long term.

    Basic Understanding of the Liver

    The liver is often thought of as the body’s natural detoxifying organ.  Its main function is to clean out impurities in the body, break down dangerous chemicals and to act as a filter for nutrients.  This process aids in digestion, helps build immunity and maintain the body’s metabolism.  The liver is also responsible for breaking down carbohydrates which helps regulate glucose or sugar levels.  Glucose is the body’s source of energy.  However, if glucose levels are too high, it can lead to diabetes and other heath concerns.


    In response to environmental toxins, poor diets, processed foods, medications and alcohol, the liver must work overtime which may lead to major health conditions.  Without a properly functioning liver, your body can become damaged and slowly begin to shut down.

    Suggested Use

    • Adults take 1 capsule 3x daily
    • Not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing women


    • Helps maintain an already healthy functioning liver*
    • Helps support bile secretion which is important for food digestion*
    • May assist the liver’s ability to store and release glucose*
    • Provides antioxidant support*
    • May assist in the production of glutathione*


    • Milk Thistle and Black Radish – may help to support the liver to store glucose
    • Turmeric – may support bile secretion and is important for food digestion
    • Artichoke leaf – may be helpful for supporting the liver’s role in maintaining a healthy gut
    • Artichoke Leaf, Beet Leaf and Astaxanthin – blended together for antioxidant support.

    Target Consumer

    People concerned with

    • Enhancing healthy liver function
    • Antioxidant support
    • Periodic detoxification




    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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