The Face and Iris Tell the Truth


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    The Face and Iris Tell the Truth
    By Roger Bezanis and David J. Pesek, Ph.D.In October 2008 the two greatest minds in Iridology and Face Reading meet in Cincinnati, Ohio to deliver the 97 minute world release of “The Face and Iris Tell the Truth.” Iridology and Face Reading combine to create the most detailed élan vital assay tools known to man. They intermesh famously to reveal the hided story behind every individuals good health and their decline. Health care practitioners and laymen alike will be thrilled by this fascinating and enlightening course. Never have two powerful techniques linked to make such a dramatic visual health map possible until now. Owning this landmark DVD event entitles you to watch it again and again. Repeat viewings was something that the international crowd who witnessed this extraordinary event, could only dream about. We highly recommend this DVD and give it 5 STARS.DVD Facts
    • Study Face Reading With The Worlds Foremost Expert On Face Reading, Roger Bezanis at Home!
    • World Renowned Iridologist Dr. David Pesek and Face Reading Expert Roger Bezanis Interwine Iridology and Face Reading For the FIRST TIME EVER!
    • Face Reading and Iridology are the Two Oldest and most Accurate Visual Forms of Health Study Known to Man!
    • A $500.00 Dollar Study Course Delivered in Cincinnati, available Now For Only $29.95
    • Enlightening and Entertaining You Will Watch This DVD Again and Again!
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