Total Body Detoxification 2014

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    Total Body Detoxification 2014
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    If Western Medicine and Psychiatry worked, they’d put themselves out of
    business. Their success in treating patients is based on routine failure.
    – Author Roger Bezanis

    The Will Smith apocalyptic zombie horror film “I am legend” starts with an
    interview Dr. Alice Krippin (she is a character in the movie and does not exist)
    who has engineered Measles to be beneficial to mankind for the cure of cancer. In
    the interview Krippen touts “taking something designed by Nature and
    reprograming it to work for the body rather than against it.” She claims to have
    genetically altered measles to help man and not harm him. The interview ends
    with Dr. Krippen saying she has cured cancer. Three years later it has all gone
    wrong resulting in zombie outbreak and the extinction of most of mankind. Then
    Will Smith saves mankind, The End.