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It is too bad the body is so complicated. Unless we have a stethoscope, X-rays, MRI, Cat Scans and three opinions we can’t possibly know what is wrong with our body. Early man was better off throwing rocks to hit the moon than trying to understanding his body. That is true right? Isn’t that true? No, unless we believe in the omnipotence of modern medicine.

Early man had to rely on his senses and logic to understand what was wrong or right about his body. It is not like there are no observable keys to our health. A car has oil we have urine. A car has exhaust we have stools. Most ignore their stool quality as if some part of the body is taboo, bad, unacceptable or dangerous. Our stools tell us vast information the not knowing of which, can lead to serious issues that suddenly grip us out of the blue. Our stool quality is a computer readout warning of present and future issues.

A healthy stool comes after every meal and no more than 24 hours after initial ingestion. Yes, what is consumed today at lunch should be eliminated by lunchtime tomorrow. Ideally stools should have little odor and fall out with little or no effort. The stool should not be liquid. It should float and breakup upon flushing. It should not sink, be hard like pebbles or clustered. A healthy stool should be visually identifiable based on what we ate. If the stool is foul smelling or painful to eliminate it is not healthy and we are risking being ill. A healthy Raw Diet is vital as is doing a good detox at least once a year.