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Using sweeteners to brighten up a meal or tasty up a boring drink is common and acceptable to most. The fact is the foods that we are sweetening are destroyed by cooking and processing before we ever get them. If you are thinking, “Oh, no another blog saying whole raw foods are the only way to eat,” you might be right, by the end of this blog we will know for sure. There are a few hard and fast rules about sweeteners that you will learn about in the second half of this blog. Of course you will have to read on,,

Chemical sweeteners have the trait of being accelerants which like any stimulant accelerates alters heart function, speeds respiration, quickens the pulse, constricts the arteries, tightens the lungs, reduces liver and kidney function as well as reducing pancreatic and thyroid function. The colon and intestines are made to operate without fluid (vital to their survival and ours) as the sweeteners cause the body to dehydrate. The type of sweetener and its action will be covered in the next paragraph. Read on and learn more.

White sugar is the most common sweetener known to man as it is cheap to produce and very profitable. Since it is one of the 2 substances that man is born addicted to, the other being the common substance salt which is one atom of sodium and one atom of chloride, we crave it constantly. It is odd that the healthier we are, the naturally sweet whole raw foods taste. To a whole food raw foodist, bell peppers taste sweet as do many vegetables. Of course fruit whole raw fruit tastes sweet to the level of candy. What is the best sweetener? The body does not make that distinguishment. Our body abhors all sweeteners artificial or otherwise. To the body the supply the building blocks of disease, avoid them.